1995 Volkswagen Golf MK3 Variant 1.8 GL


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Trunk lock wouldn't lock/unlock, despite the fact I had central locking.

Rubber band holding the exhaust in the middle wore out, which resulted in the muffler "patching" itself to the rear bumper and burning some of the plastic on it.

Power steering pump's days were counted.

Front engine mounting was bad.

General Comments:

Okay, I really don't know how to put this car into words.

Let me begin by saying that it's more than reliable. In Sweden, as many of you know, winters can be EXTREMELY cold.

The day when I was supposed to buy it, in January, I remember it was -15 degrees Celsius. So I put the key in the lock, and VROOM! The car started without a problem.

I drove about 12 000 kilometers with it, without a single problem. 5 days a week it was standard work -> home -> work -> home -> grocery store -> home etc. On the weekends, me and my friends usually took road trips. Fuel economy is extraordinary for an old car as this one. I even managed to pull out over 800 kilometers with a full tank. Simply splendid!

But then, I found out that the front engine mounting was at its end, causing the motor to vibrate a bit when accelerating around 1,000-1,200 rpm.

Power steering pump was slowly dying as well. I noticed that after examining how the car sometimes was VERY easy to steer, while sometimes real hard on the steering wheel. Got it checked up, and the maintenance guys told me that these two are gonna cost me around 150 Euros to BUY, plus their work. Since that was an amount I didn't really count with, I had to sell the car, since I needed a fully functional car. With 141 000 kilometers, the car went into the hands of an old lady who had the money to fix it. I was happy knowing that it went into good hands.

Now I have a 1996 1.8i CL. I just can't get enough of Golf 3! It's the best car ever. If I was ever to be offered to make a choice between a new Golf 3 and a brand new latest Golf - I'd still choose Golf 3 HANDS DOWN. True story. :)

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2011

1995 Volkswagen Golf 1.8i


Very good


Rear shock absorbers.

Oil dipstick - the plastic handle.

Ignition system coil.

General Comments:

Good car, and few faults.

Very good heat in the car. Very warm in winter. Good A/C in summer.

Well nothing more has happened. It just goes and goes..

I am very satisfied with the car.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2010

1996 Volkswagen Golf 1.8i


Coil, because I slipped on my clutch and the car died.

Rear shock absorbers.

Right-rear brake.

General Comments:

Very good heat in the car - super good.

Always starts.

You can change things in this car yourself such as the spark plugs - but in new cars you canĀ“t do that.

Good gearbox.

Nothing more has gone wrong.

Reliable car, 5 plus +++++

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Review Date: 27th October, 2009

14th Oct 2013, 15:05

I own a 1996 VW Golf Cabriolet. It's a first class car; tough, enduring, starts first time, cruises at seventy all day, some expected repairs, but nothing extraordinary. Manual hood, manual windows, nothing to go wrong. Passes the MOT always first time. A thoroughly reliable vehicle. Already passed the 100,000 mile mark a long time back. Not a fancy car, but a thoroughly enjoyable friend.

31st Dec 2014, 20:13

I own a 1996 cabriolet. It is all manual and very little has gone wrong. The mileage is 162800 miles.

Excellent build quality, starts in any weather, brilliant heater, comfortable ride, smooth gearbox and original clutch.

The roof could be renewed, but it's not essential.

The best car I have owned for reliability. Well done Volkswagen.

1991 Volkswagen Golf Syncro 1.8i


Golf is an advanced form of agriculture, nothing else


Steering-servo broke (expensive!).

Tires blew (were original ones).

Minor repairs to the headlights.

Front passenger seat wouldn't fold.

Leaks from the 4wd.

General Comments:

I previously owned a Beetle which was a pretty good car considering its age (15 years when I bought it). Since I live in Sweden I wanted a better winter car than that. Hence the four wheel drive which is excellent. I'll never buy a car without it again.

However, this supposed diamond which had few miles turned into a money-eating machine deluxe. I spend almost as much on repairs as on the vehicle itself!! This was the last Volkswagen for me, Subaru here I come!

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Review Date: 26th June, 2001