2002 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16v


Petrol engine sounds like a diesel!!! (engine froze?!)


The main problem I have besides the warning lights coming on and off, and probably some power loss at times, is that the engine sounds like a diesel! The sound is stronger when it starts from cold, and after a while it's lower, but still there. It's sort of a diesel sound, but in a more mellow tone.

After 2 costly visits at the local VW dealership garage, they said that the engine has been frozen! Some time during the winter from a cold start in low temperatures, and that it needs bottom block replacement or might even need a new engine!!!

At the beginning they said that VW can take it as goodwill and fix the problem, because it's a known problem with these engines and they did fix it in a few cars (my guess is that if the dealership admits 'a few', that really means MANY!) but after the second check they said that in this year model, it's not suppose to happen, therefore I have to pay to fix it myself!!!

My insurance also denies to pay because they said that it happened when the previous owner owned the car, so its his insurance obligation to fix it!

Anyone who had/has the same/similar problem, please email me with any info that might help! My email is: nephilim1973@hotmail.com

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Review Date: 1st September, 2006

9th May 2008, 15:25

I also have a VW Polo Sport, second hand 2002 reg, I used to drive the car at first with the radio on and then one day I turned it down and heard a diesel like noise, it clacks at low revs and then gets better at high revs but still present, I wasnt sure if the cambelt has gone or the engine is starting to wear, which is odd because the car is 02 reg? Its starting to annoy me and need to find a garage who can fix it!!

9th May 2008, 19:50

If the cambelt had gone, there would have been a loud clattering noise and the engine would have stopped dead, never to restart.

Cambelt failure is catastrophic on most engines, and will cause major mechanical damage. The engine will not run - you'd be lucky if it even turned over.

4th Oct 2017, 10:22

I have the same problem with my Polo. Please, if you've got any help or have fixed the problem, mail me: osama.sadek.97@icloud.com