2005 BMW 5 Series 530d 3.0L turbo diesel


Very good, reliable and fast car. Looks stunning!


Rear differential broke (replaced under warranty) at 20'000KM. According to my dealer (and to a source at BMW Switzerland) I have been the first one needing to replace the differential. They have had no idea what went wrong.

Navigation System / On-board computer replaced twice (45'000km and 75000km). The CCC Computer (as it is called) is known to break down for this car. With model year 2009 they have introduced the CIC which should be more reliable. Both times the BC has been replaced under warranty. CHECK OUT: THERE IS A 2-YEAR PART Warranty. Even if your car is no longer under warranty the CCC may well be!

Window Seals (20000KM) began to produce squeaking noises.

Phone Compatibility is a bit a nightmare (i.e. iPhone will not reliably work in 5 series cars from 2005).

General Comments:

Very comfortable, fast, quiet and reliable car.

Downsides are the size of the car and - especially in parkings - the height of the rear trunk (especially with the limousine).

Other than that: Very good car.

Don't make the error to order 16" rims for winter tires as the car starts to understeer badly. Go for the 17", maybe even better 18" rims if you (like I do) hate understeer.

Interior is very solid made, no wear & tear at all. Diesel consumption is at about 7.5-8.5 liters/100km. Pay attention: Winter and short distance drives easily add another 2 litres / 100KM since the engine is not really fast in getting it's normal temperature.

Turbo Lag is sometimes a bit annoying. If you can't live with it, go for the 535d which has two chargers.

I have switched back to a 3 series diesel estate (exchanged the car) recently. The 3 series is the more direct car, the 335d is a stunner.

Still, I think the 5 series 4 door is one of the best looking cars BMW ever made.

If you're searching for a car to do long journeys, the 5 series is your car.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2009