1993 Ford Escort RS Cosworth 2.0i 16V Big Turbo


Expensive - but fun


Couldn't open the fuel tank, because of a defective lock.

Once the clutch cable broke. Sometimes all warning lights are flashing, when cornering a bit too hard.

General Comments:

What a great performer and so much fun to drive. When you can find one and afford it, get it, you won't regret a single penny spent on this boy racer's delight. And what other hi-performance sports car can take up to 5 passengers? What other sports car can be driven easily in the Swiss Alps during the hardest winter and leave all off-road cars behind?

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Review Date: 5th June, 2000

15th May 2002, 06:21

Well in there!! Very fast, I do agree a boy racer car that you won't regret, also all they features of a family saloon, the greatest car on the planet, they just kill anything else that touchs the road!!


12th May 2004, 04:46

Fair enough, they are great cars, but you're going too far saying they'll leave anything that touches the road e.g. Subaru Impreza, Mitsu Evo. Take into account these are 5 seaters too, and 4 wheel drive, and they are quite a bit faster??? And don't start with saying a Cossie can be tuned; I'm talking standard form. I mean the Cossies only about 244bhp as standard???