10th Jun 2004, 04:09

(A standard Cossie has 220 or 227 hp)

It depends... on a German Autobahn there are a few faster cars around. My slightly tuned Cossie will do about 255 km/h which is just a tiny bit more than the electronically limited BMW's, Mercedes and Audis. But a Ferrari or Porsche will eat me on the Autobahn, that's for sure.

But when it comes to acceleration and curvy roads in the alps, my Cossie is nearly without any concurrence. Once a Testarossa tried to overtake me on a mountain road. In the straights it came a bit closer, but as soon as the next curve appeared, I was far gone. The Ferrari had squealing wheels when it accelerated, my Cossie remained quiet, unspectacular... but was simply faster.

I've met some Imprezas on the road, but they were without any chance, although I must mention, that most likely they were not tuned. The only chance for an standard Impreza would be, to catch me when I am cruising in a high gear. The big turbo lag of my Cossie causes some delay...

I haven't had a meeting with an Evo yet, but I could imagine, that a modified Evo could beat my Cossie. But when I look at an Evo, I easily come to the conclusion, that I will keep my Cossie forever, even if the Evo would be quicker. Come on, a five door saloon that looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer on steroids can turn heads, but in most cases the head-turners will have a good laugh after the second look.

O.k., forgive me please, I was always mad about Fords and their look (Cortina 1600E two door, Capri RS2600, Escort RS2000, XR3i, XR4x4...), so maybe I can't judge it neutral anymore, but I just love my Cossie, even if it falls in love sometimes with my mechanic... ;)

Greetings from Switzerland.