1975 Datsun 120Y 4 dr saloon 1.2


Anybody's best first car, and wish they kept it


In a quest for speed, broke many a rocker shaft with high lift .512" on valve side. Believe any pushrod A series engine can handle 11000rpm easily.

Before going cam and drafts, head gasket blew anytime the lower rad hose was allowed to go soft. It would suck in close for any long high speed runs.

Orig Hitachi carb had electric solenoid valve, which was not understood in 1975 and had a wiring problem.Due bad gas in Trinidad, carbs were opened often and unnecessarily, which would have led to break in copper strands of wire. Eventually I figured it out, and ordered the part from Barbados as we did not have it.

General Comments:

I still have mine - engine out for a refresh- Got some rust on hood now (roof), but it compliments the 300ZX TT (1990) and 2010 Vigo 4x4. Hoping to add an Aristo TT soon.

The car is the easiest for anyone to learn automobile repairs on. Considered ugly by many; in Trinidad it is a loved cult car as some 13 x 6 on 60series 205s makes the car look mean. Some of us consider a 120y a beauty!!

This was my Mother's car, passed on to me at about 7 years old. Then all Hell broke loose.. Only fond memories as no accidents except on the front gate doing a reverse burnout.

THE CAR SLIDES CONTROLLABLY WITH A LITTLE STIFFENING OF THE REAR VIA COIL OVERS ON THE DAMPERS. STOCK IS GOOD FOR 100MPH WITH THE ORIG 3.89M DIFF. with 2 Dellorttos and race cam - 3rd gear will cross 100, but should shift at 90.

The car was economical stock, and does about 25mpg (US gal) modified.

IT IS MORE fun to drive than anything else I've DRIVEN, EVEN IF IS ACTUALLY slower.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2011