2000 Ford Fiesta LX z-tech


A nice car spoiled by the dealer service


After three months, the break light came on, the dealer said nothing was wrong, two weeks after breaks were so low they were down to the rotors. When I took it back to the dealer they said it was "my driving" and I had to pay a couple thousand dollars for the brakes and rotors to be replaced. Two weeks after, the break light comes on again, turns out it was a leak in the breaklines.

When it rains, it leaks between the window on the driver's side, dealer replaced rubbers, but problem persisted.

Driver's side window stiff.

Passenger side aircon ventilator cracked.

Sun visor came off in my hand when trying to adjust.

Gas tank lock keeps sticking, the key sometimes can't come out.

Breaks just don't seem to hold, the dealer insists that that is how they are.

Upholstery stitching is coming apart.

Upholstery on roof is coming down, was replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

If it weren't for my having to deal with the dealer for Ford, this car might not have been such a nightmare. Apparently, this car was in storage for quite some time before I bought it and it has suffered serious dry rot as a result. I had some inside information that these cars in Trinidad were really recalls, which is why there are only five in the country and the dealer fixed the problem and sold them anyway, my emails and calls to the Ford motor company to confirm this have been fruitless.

The car was in a serious accident which could have been prevented had it not been for those brakes which I have been complaining about forever now. It has been pronounced a write off (although the damage is not bad), but the insurance wants me to take the salvage and minus it from my check. Why? it appears that the insurance company is fed up of accepting salvages as the ford dealer cannot get the parts for any of their less popular vehicles, and must import parts on special order from the UK, making it uneconomical to fix. so now I have a fight on my hands, but I'm not paying for the dealer's sins.

Despite all, I really liked the way the car handled and I loved the smooth ride, didn't get any engine trouble for the three years I had it, and I would buy one again if I was living in the UK or a country where parts were easier to get.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004