2007 Nissan Tiida M Series Hatchback 1.6 Gas


For limited driving on smooth roads only


Well this car was purchased in Trinidad, and the performance of the car is rather good, however the braking system was not the best designed one.

The calipers stick and were changed by the dealers.

The fuel gauge stopped working twice and had to be changed.

The fan belt was changed twice in the first year and a half of ownership.

Gas consumption for this vehicle is rather high.

The car is rather sensitive to potholes and rough road, and the alignment has to adjusted ever so often.

I changed the drum brakes at 45,000 km, which is ridiculous.

General Comments:

The car is a great looking car, and has great performance and features, especially the comfort. However the maintenance cost is rather high.

I would not recommend this car for the person who drives a lot, because maintenance and service would come every month, as in a case where driving per day equals 100km per day.

The car did not come with mats and splash (mud) guards, as well as the scuff guard for the rear bumper.

The original sound system cannot play MP3, so I changed that system and added in one with USB capabilities in the front, as well as all the other options that I mentioned were missing.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2009

2006 Nissan Tiida 1.6 Gas


Excellent value, amazing comfort!


Air conditioning condenser failure at about 11,000Km.

General Comments:

The primary appeal of this car is the surprising amount of interior room, both head and leg. It was not uncommon in my Corolla for any back seat adults to have to adjust themselves to the size of the car. In the Tiida there is room galore in the front and the back.

I upgraded the audio system so I really cannot comment on the stock sound.

It is not an exceptionally zippy car off the line, but picks up nicely at higher speeds.

There are lots of pockets and creature comforts (over sized leather armrest over the center console for example)

The seats are very comfortable, not full leather, but leather-wrapped and giving a very welcoming feel. Perfect for long drives and all too frequent traffic jams!

I was a little disturbed by the early failure in the A/C consdenser, but the dealership replaced it promptly under warranty.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2007