1994 BMW 3 Series Coupe 3.20ia


Very good indeed.


Here is the problems when I bought the car; The button of the shift knob was broken. The LED of the driver's power window switch is dead. The muffler needed to be replaced. The hood emblem was damaged (dings, nicks etc.).

The things I'll take care within this month are; The door panels have slight peel in leather surface. The power steering is somehow a bit hard than I expect from a BMW..

General Comments:

I used have US Sport Coupe's (Firebird, Camaro) before the BMW. Also I have owned some Fiat's, Renault's and Honda.

The material and workmanship is plain perfect for a 12 years old car.. The dashboard is quite nice to look at.. The leather seats are perfect in quality and comfortable enough for me.. The stereo system is a joke..

The performance is fine for a heavy car like that.. The engine is quite even at high RPMs.. Also I liked the sound of the straight six.. But still V8 sounds better :) )

Overall it's a very decent and classy car for it's price.. Hi-End German cars have a good reputation in Turkey (like elsewhere) so even you drive an old one, you drive a BMW..

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Review Date: 19th September, 2006

2000 BMW 3 Series CI 320


Appreciate your BMW


MPG was low.

Too expensive maintenance (parts)

Heavy Steering wheel.

Heavy Gas pedal.

Cooling pump blew at 100.000 -very common.

Too close to the ground, hit bottom often and rims were deforming quickly.

Very expensive tyres, worn off quickly.

Winter road hold weak, especially with sport tyres.

General Comments:

Actually I WAS very complainant when I was driving that baby. Above mentioned problems gave me nuts about the car, I was grumbling and writing complaint messages to BMW at the time. I felt like "it is an over pumped, ad boosted brand"

Now I am driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I definitely miss my baby. Seats, automatic transmition, road hold, ergonomics in the cabin, material quality, very little things, details in the console or functional equipment is no match for a BMW... the tool box integrated inside the trunk door, little orange colored cabin illuminating LEDs at night time is a sign of the value.

Don't trade your BMW for an American car.. never. Enjoy it without complaints.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2005

8th Sep 2006, 18:17

I suggest you get a Japanese car next time. Then you won't miss BMW that much. I'm just an average daily driver, no enthusiast or professional. I know BMW is called 'ultimate driving machine', and there must be a good reason for that, but for an average driver like me (and most of the people, I believe), it's just overkill.

Japanese cars might have unexciting handling and acceleration, but they just run on and on and on with minimal maintenance. I realized that my Nissan was such a great car, only after I got a BMW, which breaks at ridiculous places: windows popping out, interior headliner sagging, etc.. Not that serious, but very indicative of how careless German workers are compared to Japanese.

On the other hand, I think comparing with American cars is just an insult to BMW (or any other non-American manufacturer, for that matter).

1994 BMW 3 Series 316i 1.6 petrol


I think it has good performance


Main brain of the car was spoiled in the car wash because water entered it.

I heard that this situation exist at all BMW cars.

General Comments:

Its parts and workmanship costs are very expensive in dealers.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2001