1969 AMC Javelin SST 343 cu in


Fantastic fun


Needed a new starter motor after a couple of weeks.

Suffered from overheating problems and misfiring. After trying a number of things, eventually all problems cured with a recored radiator.

Plan your journey carefully. The 12 gallon tank is only good for around 150 miles!

General Comments:

This is a very unusual right-hand drive version. Great fun and not difficult to maintain, even for a total amateur.

Bags of performance, even after 35 years, but is better still as a cruiser.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2004

14th Aug 2005, 14:36

I wonder how many Javelins there are in the British Isles?

Too few, certainly!

18th Apr 2016, 22:55

I have one; it's the original test car from Autocar mag.

19th Apr 2016, 13:54

Most guys that do cruise nights and shows could care less about MPG. You can only drive 2500 miles when antiqued with tags and collector insurance. I checked my arrival odometer to the next fill up and it was 80 miles to refill.

I might go to a Tremec in my GM, but prefer the Muncie 4 speed. That would better MPG, but it doesn't shift as well. But MPG gain is significant on a long trip. Most of my shows are under 100 miles. I went with AAA towing at 100 mile distance for that very reason. I have only needed 1 tow in 30 years however. Most nice examples are proactive on maintenance, so towing isn't as common than even a new car.

I don't have spare tires on my cars as modern tires with mixed sizes don't allow it. Road service is a given when you buy one. In college I recall seeing many AMC 343-390 AMXs in the early 70s. And a 360SC Hornet 4 speed. It's nice to see these cars today at shows. My pick would be a Mark Donahue edition Javelin.