1994 Asia Motors Rocsta DX 2.2 diesel


Fun little offroader! Love it!


Soft top roof is beginning to wear around edges and beginning to leak allowing water to stand in the footwells.

Rust around engine lid clasps making the handle loose

The spare wheel carrier is making the rear door hinge drop.

Thrust bearing on clutch making a noise, but clutch is working well so far.

Interior lights are not working any more.

Core plugs in engine weeping with water under fuel pump on nearside of engine.

Oil leak on rocker cover.

General Comments:

This car goes, where others fail to. Wheels and tyres are easy to get. With new seats, it can be a great drive! The engine is quiet for a diesel. It is easy to work on. The steering is a little heavy at parking speed, but this is not noticeable when generally driving!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2010

1994 Asia Motors Rocsta DX 2.2 diesel


Does it job!


Master slave cylinder gone twice.

Hand brake cable stretched.

Handles for moving front seats have lost there plastic bits, leaving sharp metal prongs that dig in your bum when getting in and out of the car.

Soft top poppers are all buggered. The roof barley stays on if you go above 30 mph.

General Comments:

This little 4x4 takes some adjusting to, But it does the job of any other 4x4.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2002

1994 Asia Motors Rocsta LX 2.2 D


Excellent off roader, without motorway manners


Fuel blockage.

Worn bushes.

General Comments:

Cheap 4x4, great in deep snow. Pulled out four cars no problem. Life saver in harsh winters in Northumberland.

It is what it is. Cheap and 4x4 practical. It's NOT a long distance car. It's not a motorway lover, but it's great in harsh conditions.

For parts in UK call - 5 star and the number is 01708742525.

I am selling my Asia as I am going to buy a Disco.



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Review Date: 18th October, 2002

24th Jan 2003, 09:58

DON'T buy a Disco, they're rubbish. You would have to mortgage your house to pay for fuel unless you get the diesel. They ride like a truck. I actually had a small 1t truck that rode better. You can't see out of the windscreen.

Of the people I know that had Discos, they all got rid of them and most ended up with a Pajero. And they all tow boats.

1994 Asia Motors Rocsta DX 1.8


A real bargain, great 4x4


No faults, a very sound vehicle.

General Comments:

This is a fun 4x4, I am very pleased with it, so far no problems.

I am looking for a handbook, do you know where I can get one?

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Review Date: 11th August, 2002

1994 Asia Motors Rocsta DX 1.8 petrol


An underestimated treasure that is good value for money


The heater matrix sprang a leak.

General Comments:

This is a good fun four wheel drive.

If you want to drive something different, then this is the car for you.

Don't be put off by bad reviews by people that have either never driven one, or have only driven one for a short time, as all of the people that own them like them.

There is plenty of room for 4 people, but no luggage space.

After adding good tyres, it performs very well off road.

The build quality is good; no rattles or leaks.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2002

29th Jun 2002, 05:47

I got my Rocsta for a year. It worked well and had travelled off-road. It's fun and easy to drive the car around. Not just because it is 4x4, but it's a very powerful machine during typhoon and floods. My Rocsta helped me a lot in relief operations, refugee evacuation and charity works. I think I'll stick my driving with this car.

Jeremy Eliab

Davao City, Philippines


7th Jun 2003, 11:46

I recently acquired a '93 Diesel "Rock", it's a little bit worn-out though. I got it cheap. I replaced the camshaft gear, crankshaft timing gear, the entire cylinder head (including heater plugs, nozzles, & gaskets), the liner, all the bushings, and the pistons. Under chassis are good. Very strong Air con. It is in top condition now, very powerful off-road and speedy on-road. Equivalent Mazda parts are easily available here in P.I. (Philippine Islands). I hope her condition lasts.


Quezon City, Philippines


1995 Asia Motors Rocsta DX 2.2 diesel


A cheap and fun 4x4


Been very reliable, until the radiator sprung a leak.

Radiator damaged from the previous owner.

General Comments:

Don't think of luxury, just value for money, and great fun to drive.

Didn't get stuck when offroading.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2001

1996 Asia Motors Rocsta DX 2.2 diesel


A beast, and a posing machine



General Comments:

The Asia Rocsta is the best car I have driven. I took it off-road for the first time yesterday and it handled like a dream.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2000

10th Jan 2001, 22:15

I recently got a hold of battered little Rocsta R1. And I still love it despite its shedding skin.

It's a marvel offroad. And I plan to compete it offroad, after some very needed modifications, like high lifts... do you know of any after market soft ride suspensions?

Gemelson Cadiz,

Cebu, Philippines