12th Apr 2001, 21:13

I have a Rocsta 1800dx petrol. It's been a good motor except for having to replace the rear tailpipe twice in 5 years and needing it again. Seems to be some type of flaw where the pipe bends over the rear axle. I know there are difficulties getting parts and would like to do some work on my motor so perhaps someone can tell me where I could get a workshop manual?

25th Sep 2001, 10:57

Anyone know what/where I can get a new middle box & back box - my exhaust gives problems too. Email please PEWTRESSMARKone@aol.com.

11th Aug 2004, 13:18

I have recently purchased an Asia rocsta and am searching for a distributer cap any ideas on how and where to get one anyone. Rich in Dorset. Email address to follow.


17th Dec 2005, 04:24

I own 1996 Rocsta, but having problems finding parts. Can anyone help locate a dealer or parts shop in the Middle East are or anywhere for that matter.

Micael A.


10th Jul 2006, 09:30

I've had my Roctsta DX 2.2 diesel since new and have done 90k miles plus some good off roading, currently needing a new alternator, but have been lucky with the spares that I have needed. I am considering moving on to something different, any suggestions?

3rd Aug 2006, 22:29

To all those looking for Rocsta workshop manuals, you can find them at www.workshopmanuals.co.uk.

Anyone looking for parts in Australia, try Asia Motors Australia at www.asiamotors.com.au. I have found them very reliable for parts.

If you are looking for a new soft top, try www.4wdworld.com.au.

23rd May 2007, 22:10

I recently got my hands on one for my first car, and its the best thing I have ever done. It goes more places than a turbo diesel Hilux AUSSIE.

30th Jun 2007, 08:16


The Engine is an R2 that they also fit in Mazda vans. The gasket last time I bought one was nearly £100. I have a spare engine if there are any bits you need. My E-mail is DGough1468@aol.com.



5th Jul 2007, 15:24

I've owned my 1995 2.2 diesel rocsta for about 2 years. Have really enjoyed it on and off road except for a few reoccurring (or never resolved) problems:

Hand brake doesn't hold despite new cables (inners and outers), and resetting drums etc about 15 times with 3 different mechanics.

After having the engine reconditioned (but hey, it managed to drive on 3 pistons for about 60km), and after the mechanic bumped the relay switch, it's having problems cold starting.

Anyone have these same problems? Anyone know of a good mechanic in Cape Town, South Africa?

Oh yeah, and on the last 2 off road trips, the little Rocsta had to pull a 2007 Jeep Cherokee and a Landy Defender :)

23rd Aug 2007, 18:12

I have just bought a 1996 1.8 Asia Rocsta petrol, am just about to buy a second 1.8 for my father in law, and have considered buying a 2.2 diesel as well. I just love these little beasts.

Having read through these comments, I would like to add -

Workshop manuals on CD in PDF format are available. Try eBay or a company called "DataManuals".

Most Mazda R1 parts can be suitably altered if they don't fit first time.

Servicing for mine costs 70% less than a Ford Mondeo!

A new hood costs £394 from http://www.monsoon4x4.co.uk fully fitted.

Three way seat belt harnesses are available for the rear seats.

I would however like help with...

A pair of seat belt stalks, preferably in Chrome.

A Chrome snorkel for the air intake on the bonnet.

Any info on Owners Clubs etc, please email me on ray.phair@ntlworld.com

27th Oct 2007, 16:58

I own a Asia Rocsta jeep and live in Saint Martin, French West Indies. I need a distributor cap. Any ideas as to where the closest island is that has a dealer/parts dept? Reading the other comments from owners around the world, they all have the same basic problems as we do i. e hand break/head gasket etc. please contact me at lindygreen@hotmail.com.

1st Nov 2007, 14:49

I own Asia Rocsta DX, 1995, 1.8, I need a clutch slave cylinder. Does anybody have any idea where I can get it from??

Please e-mail me on k_koteski@hotmail.com

1st Nov 2007, 18:57

Hi Lindy,

Carlos on the dutch side. Soremar near Marigot usually have if not can order the parts in question here on SXM.

Email: carlitos1019@yahoo.com.

5th Nov 2007, 06:05

Hi I am looking for a fuel tank for a Rocsta 94-95 diesel. Does anyone have any info?

I can be emailed at michaeljo4work@aol.com

Thanks anyone.

15th Dec 2007, 05:47

Hi all Rocsta owners, I have a slave and master cylinder for a DX 2.2 1995, any offers, contact john.hirst63@ntlworld.com.

23rd May 2008, 13:10

Hi all Rocky owners, I'm looking for an engine for my 1995 Rocsta DX, what choices do I have that will fit this little beauty, her body is great but her heart is broken, any help would be great. Thanks, John.


7th Nov 2008, 17:11


I've owned a diesel Rocsta 92 for two months already. No problems once I made the engine new (it had over 300,000 kms) and the gasoline pump (currently on workshop).

For the ones looking for engine parts, here in Argentina, all parts I got from Kia were for the R2 Hurricane, which is the same engine for the Kia Besta and some of the oldest diesel versions of the Sportage (pistons, rings, etc. they even have replacement for cylinder head). As for engine accessories (alternator, air conditioning etc.) they're out of production, so you'll just have to find one that fits in (not much of a problem with all the room available).

As for engine replacement, I know of a Rocsta user down here who has fitted a Peugeot 504 2.3 diesel engine. And another one who, after breaking the diesel engine block for excessive oil, is currently replacing it with some sort of petrol Ford V8 mini-block (not sure which model, but I can find out if anyone is interested).

Autoparts... well now that's a different story. This car is out of production except for the Korean army, so you either get in touch with some mechanic from the Korean motorized infantry, or you get the parts from someone who sells them recycled from non-used units. There's always the possibility of adapting parts from another car, or making new ones from fiberglass or similar materials.

Hope to have been of assistance.

Greetings to all Rocsta users!!

Ignacio Brizzio, Bs. As. Argentina

email: inadepaseo@hotmail.com

26th Apr 2010, 12:42

Hi Rocky owners, I have a 2.2 diesel and am looking for a new hardtop for it. If anyone knows where I can get one, or someone to talk to, let me know, B-phit@hotmail.com

23rd Jul 2010, 17:56

For all Rocsta owners, how noisy is the ride on asphalt roads? I have seen too many comments on Internet about it being noisy.


4th Sep 2010, 02:37

Hi everyone, I am thinking of buying a Rocsta 2.2 diesel. Main reason is to pull my boat out of my basement garage, which has a very steep ramp, and it is very hard to do it with a common 2 wheel drive car. Any suggestions what to look for, I am from Malta, and are there any dealers that sell Rocsta parts locally? Thanks. Please email me on carmeloazzopardi@onvol.net

15th Sep 2010, 11:51

I have just taken over possession of a 1994, 2.2 Diesel Rocsta DX. I already own a 2.4 Diesel Hilux Surf, that has a 3" body lift and 3" suspension lift, along with 35-12.5x15 tyres. I used the Surf as my daily driver and also offroad fun.

It has let me down a bit now and again, as the diff blew on me and I needed to get a truck quick to get around!

I bought the Rocsta, that I call the Gruff, LOL, from my mate who found the ride extremely hard.

I've had it 3 weeks now, and have done a bit of offroading with it, and find it's better than the Surf in loads of cases, even though the Surf has mods.

I was only going to sell the Rocsta once the diff is done on the Surf, but I have changed my mind now, and I am going to keep it as my offroad vehicle. It will obviously be lifted and made stronger, but I would recommend them to anyone for a fun truck. Don't expect comfort though, unless you add it yourself in the way of seats etc. You can't have everything though.

Try www.Elite4x4.co.uk. A good crowd!