14th Oct 2010, 11:38

Hi, I have a Rocsta 2.2d. I have a small problem with my gearbox and don't know if it's something small, or if I need to remove the gearbox. The transfer box lever is stuck in high 4 and low 4. I can select high 4 wheel drive or low 4 wheel drive, no problem... I cannot select high 2. Anyone experienced this before? If you have, comments would be appreciated.



South Africa


25th Nov 2010, 14:03

Hi Rocsta lovers, I'm wanting some 16" wheels, any suggestions as to what fit?

24th Jun 2011, 04:31

Hi mate, it's got a Mazda F8 engine if it's petrol, like in a Ford Econovan.

16th Oct 2011, 23:20

Hi mate, the engine is a Mazda 1.8 F8.

13th Mar 2012, 13:41

Hi, my name is Jaun. I am from South Africa. I'm looking for left side step and a left side sill cover on an Asia Rocksta 1996 2.2 diesel. Where can I find these parts? My email is jaunduvenage @gmail.com

Please help.

16th Jan 2015, 06:09

Just read your comment, and just want to know, would Mazda R1 seats fit into a 97 Rocsta? I'm having heaps of trouble getting seats. I'm in the blue mountain Central west area, if anybody has any or knows what would bolt straight into it?

26th Aug 2015, 02:32

I'm looking for a flasher unit for my Rocksta jeep 2.2 diesel engine. Anyone?

9th Mar 2016, 15:39

Hey, there I just bought a Asia Rocsta and was wondering did you ever get a mechanic to look at your Rocsta?

31st Dec 2016, 15:54

RE: spare parts and soft top.

Hi, thank you very much for the link.

8th May 2017, 02:13

Hello offroaders,

I'm Fr. Warlie from Philippines. I bought an Asia Rocsta body from a junkyard that cost P20,000 with a 4x4 transmission except the diesel engine.

I find this body more comfortable than my assembled jeep that costs me a lot for its parts and assembly.

I thinking of transferring my C190 Isuzu engine from my jeep to this Rocsta. Any ideas there which would help me fix my decision? Would the C190 fit in the Rocsta?

I used this jeep on my parish during carrying many things and people. But the Rocsta, even with little capacity to carry people and loads, is more comfortable to drive and ride in.

For comments: padswarlie@gmail.com

30th Nov 2017, 07:49

I have an Asia Rocsta 2.2 diesel. Where can I buy a float for the main fuel tank?


6th Dec 2017, 15:21

I have an Asia Motors Rocsta 1994 2.2 diesel. Need 2 handbrake cables and 2 brake cylinders for the rear wheels. My Romanian contact is alexandrubalanescu@mibaserv.ro.

11th Mar 2018, 20:00

Hi. I own an 1996 Rocsta with a 2.0 Toyota non turbo diesel engine fitted. Great motor for this jeep. Runs on the original 1.8 petrol gearbox and diffs.

19th Feb 2020, 17:26

Hello, did you ever find the indicator relay?

6th Oct 2020, 00:14

Any Rocsta body parts to find in Asia?

29th Aug 2023, 06:22

I'm having the same problem on my 1996 2.2 diesel.