Turbo R RL 6.75 V8 with turbocharger

Fabulous rising classic all round

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Turbo R 6.75 V8

Fabulously satisfying driving and ownership experience

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Turbo R 6.75

A truly amazing automobile in every sense of the word

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Turbo R RL 6.7

This is motoring at it's best

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Turbo R 6.75 litre

Makes me smile a lot when I drive it; it was a present to me on my 65th birthday

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Turbo R 6.8 petrol

I'll only find a better vehicle in the shape of my next Bentley

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Turbo R 6.8 turbo

The Turbo R is a high performance living room

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Turbo R 6.75 turbo petrol

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Turbo R L 6.75 V8

Nothing that big and comfy should be able to go that fast!

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