1995 BMW 3 Series 318i SE 1.8 petrol


Handles like on rails, while being cheap(ish) to run


Nothing has actually gone wrong. Just consumables any car of this age goes through.

General Comments:

I bought this as I'd moved to an office based job. Had a 2007 Passat company car and my Cav SRi. After losing the Passat, I sold the SRi and bought the Beemer.

Missus didn't want me with points, so she was wanting me to get something slow and boring. Slow I can put up with, so a one owner 318i SE was got for £800.

Anyone that knows these, will know that this is pretty basic car. There's a low amount of sensors on the engine, after having an Ecotec Vauxhall. However it's not a high spec model, as it came with grey sills and half grey bumpers. These lasted weeks, as I didn't like the look, so it's wearing an M3 kit, including genuine M3 mirrors and M3 wheels. And since it's now on coilover suspension and has all new bushes, the thing's the best handling car I've ever had. Even great in the wet. Snow's a joke, but if driven with respect, it will power through it.

Now while saying this thing handles, it's still not a fast car, though now I hardly touch the brakes, bar pulling to a standstill. The 1.8's not a bad unit, and still has enough power to have fun.

All in all, the car owes me 3500, so will be LPG'd and used as my daily driver etc. I also have a 525 TDS e34, though this is a cruiser and totally different from the go cart, as I call the e36.

Getting an STi Impreza in few weeks as a fun/track car, though still prefer the pin point feeling from my 318 over the Scooby. However the Scooby should be great in the winter, and let's face it, the classic STi's are the best Subaru ever built, so no doubt will review that after a while.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2012

1995 BMW 3 Series 323i 2.5


A fantastic car - enough said


I've driven the car 3000 miles since June, and it's been as reliable as an ox.

Only small problem has been the driver's side lekky window, which seems to have a mind of it's own at times - a common glitch as it's been mentioned in other reviews. A firm, sustained index finger on the 'up' arrow sorts it!!

General Comments:

I've been very impressed with the car. Yes - you probably expected me to say that, but I've never driven a BMW before now and (despite the badge) it genuinely surprises you when you ACTUALLY DRIVE ONE!! Solid on the road, great handling, fantastic acceleration.. It's a real driving experience, not an A to B car. My last car was a Honda Prelude, which used to growl when I floored it. A 6-cylinder BMW doesn't growl - it just purrs - get one and you'll see what I mean...

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Review Date: 31st December, 2009

2nd Jan 2010, 07:57

Yes, you're right. people often say "Oh a BMW, wouldn't get one of those" etc. But once you've actually driven one, you know what it's all about. I bought my first BMW simply based on the stories you here about how reliable they are meant to be, I needed a reliable car for my job. Well it didn't let me down, and I liked the way it drove, so I went and bought myself a 6 cylinder one, which I shall keep for many years to come, I'm sure.

The 90's ones, which are the only ones I've had, really do drive very differently to a lot of other cars on the road. Aside from the fact that they are a tad expensive for what is basically be an "old" car, it's worth it. Just make sure it hasn't been neglected, because fixing them isn't cheap, but if you look after the car, it should look after you.

7th Jan 2010, 12:43

Was it a green 323i???