1995 BMW 3 Series 328i 2.8i


Good all round package


Drop link bushings replaced.

Fan replaced due to a blade snapping.

Water pump replaced due to snapped impeller (caused by vibration from fan with missing blade, apparently).

Miles per gallon gauge doesn’t work.

I used a specialist for repairs. Much cheaper than the dealer.

General Comments:

I bought this car for £2000 in Jan 09’. It’s a 1995 328i coupe in red, or hellrot as BMW call it. It’s still in top condition for its age inside and out. It has half leather interior, but there’s not much in the way of extras.

It’s completely standard apart from a headlamp upgrade done by the previous owner. I was going to swap them back to original, but they look decent enough. It has the factory fitted MTEC kit on it so has the spoiler, the sports seats and sits a bit lower than the standard 3 series, as I am aware. The MTEC suspension isn’t what I was expecting, but still does the job nicely. I never got to drive it on a country road when I test drove it.

I bought the car with 15” wheels with 195 tyres. I didn’t feel that they coped very well with what I was asking from them, so I put a set of BMW 16” wheels with 225 tyres on and now it is much better.

Brakes probably need a proper service. They certainly aren’t dangerous but not as sharp as they could be.

It’s very well set out inside. Everything is in easy reach, all directed at the driver. You get a lot of feel through the steering, even though it’s pretty light. It tells you everything that’s going on, front and back, and gives plenty of warning before anything goes wrong - except in the wet. The tail can come loose very easily in the wet and if you’re not concentrating then be warned - it will remind you to stop day dreaming.

Dry handling is, as far as I am concerned, perfect. I like to be able to drive my cars fast (within reason) and this car can do it very well. It is very balanced. Grip from the Avons on the rear and Pirelli’s on the front help make for a good drive on a country road.

The car has a 2.8 litre inline 6 cylinder engine giving 193bhp. The engine is my favourite thing about the car. It makes a very nice sound at any rpm, and is happy to be thrashed but also comfortable just cruising around. It is the M52 version as there were no M50 2.8 engines made. The engine is a little underpowered for its size due to the smaller manifold that was fitted to the 328’s and 323’s, for whatever reason, I’m not really sure why. The manifold can be swapped for an earlier (larger) M50 manifold and then the engine remapped to suite. Which will usually allow the engine to produce 220 – 230bhp at around 6000rpm, instead of 193bhp at 5400rpm. Still, it has a healthy amount of power and lots of torque. It will still pull near to the manufactures claimed top speed, just a few mph short actually. Given enough road it may actually make 150mph, but I’m not planning on finding out.

Acceleration of the line is good considering the cars weight. It still shifts and will do 60mph in about 7 seconds. Manufacturer time is 6.6 seconds.

The car can give good MPG. It will return about 25MPG when running on 98ron fuel and 22MPG when running on 95ron. On a long run at around 70mph you can expect to achieve 35MPG, which is rather good. If you drive with a heavy foot then you can get from full to red within 200miles, so be warned.

If you are considering buying one then check if the car has had the block, or cylinder sleeves replaced as these cars have issues with their nikasil lining.

Check that the windows don’t creek when going up and down as that is a sign that they may need work doing in the near future.

Check that the suspension bushings are all in good order, they’re easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.

Ask the seller if the car has a water pump with metal impellers instead of plastic ones. The plastic ones can snap and cause other complications.

And finally, don’t be concerned by the mileage as long as the car has a full service history and has been looked after in general. Age isn’t a major factor either. Check for rusting suspension parts and rusting arches.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2009

1995 BMW 3 Series 320i Touring 2.0


Stylish Estate


Needed a thermostat 1 week after purchase @ 91000 miles and took the car to a BMW Dealer for Inspection 2. The bill was over £700 and including some other minor works. I have never been back since.

The driver's electric window kept sticking and eventually stopped working @ 110000 miles. Fixed by a BMW Specialist. I don't think I could afford to own a BMW if it was not for them.

The central locking kept making a buzzing noise when operated @ 115000 miles. I worked out the noise was coming from the petrol filler cap housing and disconnected it from the central locking circuit. No more buzzing sound.

There is a knocking noise coming from the fan when operated at low setting. The BMW specialist told me it is probably in need of a new fan which will no cost a lot to put right.

General Comments:

The performance and handling from this car is shocking for an estate car. The 150 horses scream when pushed and really pump up the adrenalin. The steering is spot on. The car goes where you point it. The Z chassis performs well in the wet and I have never lost the tail end. I have taken on newer sports cars and thrashed them at the lights and round bends. Forget about listed performance tables, drive one to know one.

The leather seats are very comfortable and supportive.

Space in the car is a premium. Legroom in the front and the back is compromised, but the boot is reasonable for a small BMW. If you and your family are tall, the 5 Series would be better suited for you.

No rattles except for the sunroof which occasionally rattles, but is put right by pressing it firmly and releasing it.

I advise anyone intending on buying this car to make sure it has a creditable service history and has been well maintained regardless of cost.

The fuel economy may not be as good as newer models, but it still returns 34 mpg combined if driven sensibly.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2009

24th Jan 2009, 03:26

Hi I have just had an oil change service and the Bmw Specialist in Birmingham also checked the fan. For some reason the fan does not make the clicking noise anymore it was making before. Has anybody else had this happen to their e36 before?