1990 BMW 7 Series 730i SE 3.0i straight six


Bargain price executive express


Overhead cam was just ticking when purchased, (a known fault which got much worse), and has just been replaced at £880.

Air conditioning not working just after purchase, £180, including conversion to non-CFC refrigerant, to rectify. Bearings now gone on the compressor and hence I have removed the drive belt, so no A/C again.

Climate control has a mind of its own and requires a control valve, which might rectify the problem.

Needs shock absorbers, one brake caliper, and a new exhaust is looming.

General Comments:

Reliability not up to normal BMW standards - it is full service history and serviced every 10K at about £400 for non-dealer BMW specialist. The 325 is much more reliable, and at much higher mileages.

That is the only black mark: in all other respects it is superb. You can drive it 150 miles and get out wishing there was another 150 to go. It will effectively pass every idiot that would rather speed up than let you pass, when they eventually move over. 140 mph and 23 mpg, sat on leather with walnut (plastic!) trimmings, with that BMW image. Lots of detail equipment that you do not get on lesser models. And the value for money - what else is there for £2K?

Alas, the reliability and my need for more space means it has been replaced. A Honda Shuttle is not quite the same, but surprisingly close! Practical considerations ruled out the 540i Touring!

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Review Date: 28th September, 2002

20th Mar 2005, 13:01

I too purchased a second hand 730i of the same year and found similar defects. the vehicles cam also needed replacement and similar difficulties were experienced with the air-con. I have spoken too many 730i owners and found that the cam problem seems to be a result of infrequent oil changes.

Overall I find the 730i an amazing, comfortable and well finished vehicle with more good points than bad. I hope this helps in one way or another those who plan on purchasing or already own this vehicle and hope for them to enjoy this vehicle's "sheer driving pleasure"

10th Mar 2006, 12:37

Cam problems?

Here is one solution: http://www.nmia.com/~dgnrg/banjo.htm

1990 BMW 7 Series Alpina B12 750iL 5.0 V12 petrol injection


A fast seven


Battery needed replacing after the leaving fridge on.

A bulge appeared on rear tyre after 10 miles (not the manufacturers fault) £250 a tyre.

General Comments:

A super fast car: 173+ is fast for a heavy car.

Full of good toys, like a fridge, foot rest, tables and lots more.

Loads of space for your legs.

Expensive to run (spark plugs £12 each).

It cost £120,000 new.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2002

10th Mar 2006, 12:52

A new B12 did cost as much as he wrote, call Alpina and check it for yourself if you don`t believe.

21st Aug 2008, 18:52

That how much they are brand new cause my dad owns one and there quality cars.

25th Feb 2010, 21:53

There was two Alpina B12s; B12 5.0 350hp, and B12 5.7 416hp.


18th Feb 2014, 02:40

Hey, I haven't seen this review since I typed it up a long time ago. It's second hand so it didn't cost us the very high price tag. But the receipts in the book said the previous owner paid 120K.

I really do miss this rare car.