1990 BMW 7 Series Alpina B12 750iL 5.0 V12 petrol injection from UK and Ireland


A fast seven


Battery needed replacing after the leaving fridge on.

A bulge appeared on rear tyre after 10 miles (not the manufacturers fault) £250 a tyre.

General Comments:

A super fast car: 173+ is fast for a heavy car.

Full of good toys, like a fridge, foot rest, tables and lots more.

Loads of space for your legs.

Expensive to run (spark plugs £12 each).

It cost £120,000 new.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2002

10th Mar 2006, 12:52

A new B12 did cost as much as he wrote, call Alpina and check it for yourself if you don`t believe.

21st Aug 2008, 18:52

That how much they are brand new cause my dad owns one and there quality cars.

25th Feb 2010, 21:53

There was two Alpina B12s; B12 5.0 350hp, and B12 5.7 416hp.


18th Feb 2014, 02:40

Hey, I haven't seen this review since I typed it up a long time ago. It's second hand so it didn't cost us the very high price tag. But the receipts in the book said the previous owner paid 120K.

I really do miss this rare car.

1990 BMW 7 Series 735il 3.5 liter from North America


Expensive to maintain, but fun to drive


This car has needed front end suspension work constantly. The wider tires that I put on it wears the suspension early. However, this time I used polyurethane bushings so it should last forever.

I have had to do some electrical work on this car. It is not hard to work on, but hard to diagnose. A lot of the fixes for this car are simple re-soldering and/or replacing switches and relays.

My rear axle broke. The rear CV-joint stripped and left me waiting for a tow truck. The repair wasn't bad. I replaced my rear suspension parts while having the car in the air.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable and it handles like a sports car. The car feels better with faster speeds. I just wish it had cup holders.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2002

1990 BMW 7 Series 750i 5.0 V12 from Finland


Like a bad woman - pleasurable but way too expensive


The water pump quit working, car overheated and the radiator burst. Replaced pump, thermostat, rad and hoses.

All imaginable electric gremlins, I've fixed most so far.

Cruise control keeps disengaging at random times.

The cardane axle support bearing broke down. Had it replaced and the cardane rebalanced.

The muffler fastener rusted through and broke. No other rust on the galvanized body of the car though. :-)

I've done a lot of repairs that were more or less considered maintenance and are to be expected in a car of this age/kilometres such as brakes, shocks, engine wearing parts. Everything costs like they're made of solid gold.

Transmission blew up and lost reverse when I was stuck in snow and nudging the car front and back to get it loose.

General Comments:

This car is the most luxurious, comfortable and powerful car that I have ever driven, leave alone owned, although I've been a car enthusiast all my life. It handles like a sports car and accelerates like a dragster while still having ample space for 5 grownups and luggage. All goodies you can think of and then some.

You can drive 500km without stopping if you want to and feel completely fresh afterwards. The car doesn't wear you out at all.

No speed feels like anything, tried the top speed of about 260km/h which was the only time I've felt worried in this car... Even then I was just worried that I might hit a moose in the dark night...

The combination of LSD and ASC+T is VERY good in winter driving. It skids only for about 15-20cm sideways so that you realize you're slipping and then just stops skidding.

The car is really economical considering that it IS a 2000kg car with a 5-litre V-12. The engine produces a whopping 350Nm from the stall speed on so you seldom really need to push it.

But nevertheless these cars apparently weren't designed to last over 10 years, the car keeps breaking up at least once-twice a month. Even though none of the problems have left me on the side of the road, the astronomical cost of parts make it very difficult even for a DIY enthusiast to cope with the costs. I would have a lot better use for my time and especially for my money.

I've spent 5000 euros this year in parts while trying to fix the car at a faster pace than it breaks up and yet it's currently at the tranny shop. As a comparison my wife's 20 year old e30 beater has required just a 25 euro water pump in the same time.

I'm fed up, I'm selling it and buying a brand new Honda or something. It's too bad because I have nothing but good to say about other BMW models and I do really love this one also - despite the problems and the unbearable cost of keeping it.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2002

3rd Oct 2002, 07:48

The smoothest, most powerful car on the road. It blows any new BMW, Porsche off the road and its 10 years old. Th upkeep is worth the feel and luxury. Simply cannot be replaced at any cost.

19th Dec 2004, 22:47

My cruise control does the same thing. It just cuts out at the weirdest times, I just stopped using it. Have you found a fix for your problem with yours?

Its nice to find people who enjoy their BMW. I'm tired of finding these sites where people just complain about them. Calling them money pits and are not a nice car. I think as soon as these people trade there Beamer off for a cheaper built economy car to save gas money, they will be wanting their Beamer back!