2002 BMW Mini reviews from UK and Ireland

Mini Cooper 1.6

Cool, fun to drive and stunning looks

460 words

Mini One 1.6

Not fit for today's wear and tear

198 words, 7 comments

Mini Cooper Chilli 1.6

Fantastic handling car, but lacks true power

99 words, 1 comment

Mini Cooper 1.6

Fantastic car, some electrical glitches

215 words

Mini Cooper S 1.6 Supercharged

Great fun, ideal weekend car

36 words

Mini Cooper 1.6 16v

A capricious beauty!

209 words

Mini one 1.6

Would be a lovely car if I did not have the Friday one

141 words, 1 comment

Mini One 1.6

Lovely car, too many teething troubles.! Poor support.!

241 words

Mini Cooper 1.6

Never, ever buy one

147 words, 34 comments

Mini One 1.6

A good looking car, but just look

150 words, 3 comments

Mini cooper 16

The biggest con for the year 2002

136 words

Mini one 1.6

A good looking little car, but not without its (many) faults!

98 words

Mini Cooper 1.6

Design Classic With rattles

146 words

Mini Cooper S 1.6 6 Speed Manual

Simply one of the best cars in the world, ever!

68 words, 2 comments

Mini Cooper S 1.6 Supercharged

A bargain at Twice the price... Buy one NOW

84 words, 5 comments

Mini Cooper 1.6

A over-priced poorly made heap

60 words

Mini One 1.6 petrol

Excellent value BMW super'Mini'

200 words, 1 comment

Mini One 1.6

Great little car, shame about the build quality

191 words, 3 comments

Mini Cooper 1.6

It's a head-turner alright

120 words, 1 comment

Mini Cooper 1.6

Supercharged rocket!

23 words, 4 comments