20th Aug 2008, 07:03

I bought a second hand 2002 MINI ONE, which had done about 51 000 km. The following are issues experienced so far:

1. I can't open the rear door/boot

2. I can't identify an opening for re-filling transmission oil.

3. The airbag warning light on the dash board doesn't go off.

4. There is a warning light on the dash board which begins flashing when I drive for about 3 km. The warning light is second from left and has a symbol which appears on the button at the bottom of the hand brake lever.

Can anyone assist me understand what these problems are?

23rd Sep 2008, 13:47

Mini one 2002.

I love bmw mini, they look great and sound great, at least I thought they were great until I brought one. All I can hear when I am driving is rattling coming from the dash board. not only that the engine is making a high pitch sound when you are stationary. not nice when you are in the middle of town. I was thinking of buying a newer model but after seeing all these comments don't know if I want to.

I have had my car since may and spend over £1000 on it because this keep going wrong.

3rd Nov 2008, 05:05

Help, I am having trouble with the steering on the car. Every now and then the steering goes really hard to turn. When I turn the engine off, it goes OK. The garage said it was the air pressure in the tyres, but it's becoming a frequent event. I love my Mini, but this is putting me off.

3rd Nov 2008, 09:48

Maybe the power steering needs oil? Ore its broken, some valves are jamming inside.

6th Jan 2009, 14:14

My Mini Cooper S is the coolest looking car in the parking garage, but I have had tons of problems.

The first, and most annoying was the dash board rattling noises (yes it quits when I put my hand on the dash). I had some noise kit put on twice and it still rattles.

My car has 22,000 miles on it and I've already had to replace three tires. Now after replacement of the last two tires, I have awful road noise. Another trip to the dealer.

At least once a week my windows will be down and my sun roof open and no -- I didn't do that myself.

Finally, my windshield washer fluid container cracked twice. I guess you should expect less than optimal anything with a 23,000 automobile in 2008.

10th Jan 2009, 09:49

The 2002 Mini was not it best year. My research indicates that after 2004 the Mini's build quality was greatly improved.

27th Feb 2009, 16:22

I have a 2004 Mini One.

When I first got it, I loved it, for a while. Then it started going wrong.

I've always had the rattling dash board, which compared to everything else is minimal! I had the windows going down on their own and the lights coming on when I had turned the ignition off, taken the key out and walked away from the car! (I thought it was possessed!) I had a new onboard computer under warranty.

Next thing was the emissions light coming on. This was a fault with an exhaust component, again replaced under warranty. Then my rocker cover leaked just out of warranty - had to pay for that!

10 months ago my coolant reserve just emptied literally over night! I had a new thermostat housing (out of warranty), but BMW paid as they had accepted a recognised fault on the 05 model, and thought I may have the same problem.

2 months ago my coolant reserve emptied again... so they fitted a new radiator 3 weeks ago... and guess what, today it emptied again! The car temp is normal, there is no sign of a leak and BMW don't know what is wrong. It is going in for 2 days in 2 weeks for a pressure test! I have had cars for 20 years and I have never had a car that has gone wrong so many times... I have always driven Japanese cars and can't wait to sell my Mini when I have paid the finance and go back to reliable Japanese cars. The only good thing about the Mini is that it looks great! The rest you can keep!

Oh, and yes I do look after my cars... the build quality is just not good enough! It is a relief to see the comments on this site and to know I am not the only one! Commercially all you ever hear in mags etc is how fab the Mini is... I really have had enough of it today!

22nd May 2009, 09:48

The rattles in my Mini Cooper turned me into a man possessed. I have found one and repaired it myself.

When the sunshine roof was open, I noticed the two plastic flaps that stop drafts were made of plastic. When lying flat in the closed position, I realised it must be them making the rattle. I took them off. It worked. Some people refer to them as cassettes. I presume because they look like the front loading part of a player to keep dust out. Now I can hear all the other rattles really clearly.

29th Jul 2009, 04:03

Hi there.

I just recently bought a 2004 Cooper S. You really scared the hell out out of me with these comments. Although I live in Munich, and was about to buy an Audi TT, but decided to get the Mini after all. Wish I had read these comments before buying it, but not sure I would change my mind. Some things I just need to find out for myself.

I got it cheap, so I am prepared to invest a few k in the car, but your story's sound like an endless nightmare.

Wish all future owners more luck, including myself :-)

4th Jan 2010, 10:49

I have Mini 1 2002 model, and require a replacement power steering pump.. where will I get one that doesn't cost BMW prices??? I am in N. Ireland.

20th Aug 2010, 09:05

Just purchases an '03 Cooper S with 70,000 (KM not Miles) and so far, granted it suffers the odd rattle over broken black top, it's performed admirably... minus the battery.

Just had to replace the original battery, which I am told is a good run (7 odd years). Anyone else had dramas?

Hope it's going to be bulletproof, despite the various postings presented here!

A from Adelaide,

25th Nov 2010, 14:59

Have an 2002 MCS with manual transmission, no nav system, with the H-K sound system and sunroof. Bought used with 35,000 miles from a local dealer.

Best driving car I have ever owned. I spent the summer test driving a wide variety of cars. Always came back to the early MINI for handling, ease of parking in my little garage and mpg. Now into the second winter of driving in Alaska and overall am very happy with the car. I bought Blizzak sno performance tires minus studs. Work perfectly in all conditions. Also went for a nice classic set of rims for the set.

Dealership is not BMW and there is no MINI dealership in Alaska - but my dealership, Hyundai, has excellent service. They baby the car. It did require a power steering replacement under warranty, and it was repaired promptly.

Still smile when I drive it, still enjoy how it handles, not a race car but it will respond almost before thinking of a turn. It is quick and requires driving - not to be ignored while on a cell phone.

Rattles from the sunroof I have mixed feelings about the roof. Like the light, but could do without the opening and motor and leaking potential. A solid roof window top?

I replace batteries every two years here in Alaska anyway, so have no idea how long they should last - just my quirk I admit. So far, my favorite car, and perhaps my last gas engine car.

17th Aug 2014, 18:05

I have just bought a 2003 Mini Coopers S with 55000 on the clock. It is a nice little car and quick, but the dash rattles and creaks, and there is a whistling air sound with the blower on, and it ceases when the recirculation button is pressed.