Mini Cooper 1.6 petrol

More annoying and unreliable than it should have been

475 words

Mini One D 1.4 turbo diesel

Reliable, stylish and economical

63 words

Mini Cooper S 1.6

Pricey, but the best small car by far

127 words, 2 comments

Mini Cooper S 1.6 16v Supercharged

My small car of choice

361 words

Mini Cooper 1.6 petrol, normally aspirated

Possibly the most fun you can have with your clothes on

719 words

Mini Cooper 1.6

Great fun, great looking, but flawed

130 words, 1 comment

Mini Cooper S 1.6 Supercharged

4 recoveries in two brand-new cars, utterly useless

550 words, 4 comments

Mini Cooper S 1.6

A smile with every mile

158 words

Mini Cooper S 1.6 supercharged

When you're in the mood it's a real hoot..

99 words

Mini One 1.6

A disappointment

171 words

Mini Cooper 1.6

Good, but not perfect

74 words

Mini Cooper 1.6

Just the best fun possible

47 words, 3 comments

Mini One 1.6

Beautifully designed car at a good price

186 words, 1 comment