1976 Buick LeSabre Custom 7.5 litre


A thirsty attention grabber, but in a Huggy Bear sort of way


The exhaust (tail pipe) was not long enough to pass the U.K. motor test.

The switch for the electric aerial failed.

Dodgy trim around one of the rear quarter lights lets in rain water.

General Comments:

Legally seats six in air conditioned luxury.

Has the turning circle of an aircraft carrier.

Not for the shy or retiring type or for anyone wishing to keep a low profile - especially in the U.K.

You have the attention of every motorway cop.

You soon get bored with polishing it - too much tin and chrome.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2003

25th Mar 2006, 15:00

I just brought a 455 Buick LeSabre Custom Coupe and my electric aerial button just gave up, and my boot lets in water to, I thought it may be the weather strip, mine is in a red/brown colour. Drop me an email if you can ozzytupo@hotmail.com.

1966 Buick LeSabre Custom 400 340


Big and bold, like the fuel bills...


Blown motor due to a leaking radiator at 75mph on the motorway on the hottest day of the year.

Apart from that, the exhaust is just being replaced and the tranny leaks.

General Comments:

Goes like a rocket propelled ocean liner (especially now I added a performance cam).

Room for 8 in the cabin, and 4 more in the trunk!

Scares owners of mere mortal cars as it looms up on them.

Impossible to park anywhere in England.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2001