2004 Chevrolet Malibu LS 3.5 V6


Can't go wrong with a V6 Chevy


ABS module failed; replaced under warranty by dealer.

Steering column bearing replaced, also under warranty.

Rotors were warped at 35K, but I attribute that to the previous owner, not the car.

General Comments:

This Malibu is definitely a step up from the old one (I also had a 2000) in every way: better fit/finish, more powerful engine, bucket front seats (thank God), and my personal favorite, highly improved suspension.

The Malibu's very big inside, even by my standards (I'm 6'1, 220 pounds), though I wish Chevy hadn't sacrificed a traditional e-brake for the center console... makes it hard to have fun in the rain.

Despite the aforementioned suspension improvements...205/15/65R?! Seriously? Come on, why didn't you give us 215/17/55 like Mazda did with the 6? It could've really been a favorite for younger people like myself.

It's an understated car (i.e. an old person's car), so I don't get a lot of respect for driving it, especially since I used to have a potential rice rocket ('04 Corolla)...but that thing was so uncomfortable that I was tired after 20 minutes of driving.

Fuel Economy: I get about 18-19MPG on NYC streets, which isn't terrible for the displacement. It's reconciled by my frequent 31MPG highway though - a great, comfortable cruiser.

Interior: Well, it is boring... and the materials weren't as good as the plastics in my '04 Corolla... but '06 Chevy models and up are looking fantastic.

Will I buy another Chevy? Sure. I'd love a Cobalt SS (turbo, no SC), but realistically I'm looking for '06-'08 coupes.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2008

1977 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 305 V8

General Comments:

My parents owned a 1977 Chevy Malibu when I was 16 and I was only allowed to drive the car on special occasions. The car was never wrecked and only washed by hand with many many coats of wax applied. They sold the car in 1990 with 90,000 miles on it. In 1995 I found the car was for sale so Big Red came back to the original family in need of a restoration. I took a two year adult night course and restored the Malibu back to new condition. Parts are very hard to locate for any 73-77 Malibus. I am happy to have the car back in the family again. The body is bright red. The interior is red throughout with vinyl bench seats and carpeting. It was built in June 1977 in Delaware.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2004

1st Mar 2006, 23:01

Says here this review is from the UK/Ireland. I wasn't aware this car was sold overseas. Does anyone have any idea how many were sold in that region and how they differed from the North American editions?

3rd Mar 2006, 21:58

I doubt it was made or sold by chevy over there. There are businesses which import american cars convert the steering layout and sell them over there.

30th Aug 2013, 22:36

Malibus were actually sold new in Europe. Here in Norway, some are still available, though most of them died early due to rust.