2007 Citroen C2 VTS Loeb Edition 1.6 petrol


A cheeky little hot hatch to make you smile


Intermittent warning light concerning ESR switch.

General Comments:

This is my young daughter's car. I drive it only occasionally, however I have owned pretty much all the great hot hatches in my time.

The Loeb is a handsome, different looking little thing with its angular flanks and raked rise windows.

It's a city car sized, and while front occupants are well accommodated it is almost a 2+2, so small are rear seat footwells.

The dash and interior are interestingly designed, but plastics are scratchy quality and not nice to touch. All contact points are nice though with a cold allow gearknob and a lovely-feeling leather sports wheel.

Driving position is highly adjustable, and it's easy to get comfy. Seats are a bit squidgy for a sports car.

The engine fires up easily and the sweet clutch and easy gearchange make it fun to move away.

The ride is firm but supple, and the steering lightish but feelsome. It weights up nicely when cornering.

The engine, while not powerful at 125 BHP, is fizzy and willing. Thrash it mercilessly and the car snaps to attention and goes like stink. There is certainly a hint of Pug 106 GTi / Saxo VTS in the car's handling genes. It's the definition of old skool hot hatch.

It's not exactly a lightweight at 1100 kg, but feels light on its feet when driving.

All in all this is a bundle of fun without being scarily fast.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2017

2007 Citroen C2 VTR 1.6 petrol


Great car



General Comments:

Excellent in paddle shift manual mode. Very quick.

The car I had before was a Daihatsu YRV 130 Turbo semi auto, but find the Citroen much better.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2008

2007 Citroen C2 VTS 1.6i 16v (125bhp)


It is an OUTSTANDING car


Bolts on the intake manifold sheared off.

Paintwork chips quite easily.

General Comments:

The car is amazing!

Very quick - I can keep up with my mate's Fiesta ST!

Handles like a go-kart!

It's only insurance group 8!

The ESP is spot on!

Amazing sound off the engine when you hit high revs!

It's a rev happy engine, which is great!

RPM light is a great touch!

Front seats are very supportive!

The heaters are brilliant!

Air-con as standard!

However the interior materials look a bit cheap.

3rd gear is a bit flat.

The C2 VTS may get to be too common, like the Fiesta Zetec-S.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2007

1st Feb 2008, 03:37

Where did this come from about the C2 being faster than the ST150? I have never had a VTS keep up with me and I'm also able to out brake them at every corner. I have even seen a Zetec S pass one, LOL :)

3rd Jul 2009, 07:34

I own a C2 VTS and have licked many STs, but I think it may been down to driver, and a well driven C2 VTS will indeed keep up with one in the right hands.

16th Apr 2010, 17:57

A VTS will stick to an ST (maybe on a track, lap after lap, it might pull ahead) but on the roads, there will be nothing between them. Fiesta is a much better car all around, apart from the insurance.

3rd Apr 2012, 06:54

My C2 VTS eats an ST easy LOL. I race them every weekend just for a warm up in Thurrock Lakeside Essex. The C2 weighs next to nothing, and is always a good thing when racing. The 1.6 injected engine is all it needs to kill a lot of 2 litre cars, and with the Fiesta ST, it's a very over hyped car, which people think is quick when it's not.

A lot of people think if it has racing stripes, it will go faster and win races LOL. Well it's Ford, and generally it will break down in its first year of being built, like most Fords.

I've been driving the C2 VTS for just over a year now, and I've put hardly any mods on it, and it never lets me down with a race. A lot of the time if you beat one, it's only because the driver doesn't know how to work the stick quick enough.

Don't let the go faster stripes intimidate you; it's only a sticker LOL.