C3 Desire 1.4 petrol

Cheap, economical driving with decent comfort

144 words

C3 1.4 petrol

Good Value Motoring

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C3 1.4 diesel


118 words

C3 Desire 1.4

Good looking, roomy, economical, cheap materials used, too many faults need addressing

167 words

C3 1.4

Good average runabout, no fun or sport

225 words

C3 SX 1.4 petrol

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C3 Exclusive 1.4HDi 92hp

Reliable, fun, economical, roomy, quick and comfortable

146 words

C3 SX 1.4i

The car has a great style inside and out, but mechanical wise is not very good

353 words, 2 comments

C3 Exclusive 1.4 Hdi 16v

A neat little number!

55 words

C3 Desire 1.4

Don't Touch It!!

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C3 Exclusive 1.6

44 words

C3 Exclusive 1.4 Hdi

Citroen-chic economy with Citroen-cheap quality control

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