2006 Citroen C6 HDI Exclusive 2.7 turbo diesel


Solidly built, comfortable, quiet, rapid, and different


The passenger side auto-folding mirror mechanism went on the fritz about a month back, but has since fixed itself.

The boot lid had not been aligned properly when the car was delivered. Fixed promptly by the dealer as the misalignment let in water.

General Comments:

Citroen is now lurking just outside the top ten most reliable car manufacturers in the UK. If the rest of the range is built like my C6, it's no surprise why.

There are no rattles nor any annoying squeaks. It's very solidly built with that same square-shouldered feel to the steering as you expect in any BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Most manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that buyers find this preferable to an over-assisted wheel, so it's no surprise.

The 2.7-litre twin-turbo diesel that's also in the Jaguar XJ is quick, but it's not a miracle oil-burner like BMW's equivalent, it doesn't have the refinement or power of the Benz, and it isn't particularly economical. The 2.2-litre twin-turbo alternative is a truly great engine, but not in this big car -- leave that to the C5.

The leather interior has the one grade and isn't as supple as some options offered by the Germans, but it's ultra hard wearing and the TGV-style seats are the most long-distance comfortable I've sat in. My previous car used to give me pains down my right side on long journeys, and the C6 simply doesn't.

The seats in the rear are even more cushy than those in the front, with the optional Lounge Pack adding heating and electric reclining. Space for rear passengers is more than ample, being matched only by the LWB versions of the S-Class and 7-Series. It's really not a small car on the inside.

Comfort is unmatched at speed, although as is the case with all Hydractive cars, the ride can be a little crashy around town when travelling at lower speeds over poor surfaces. The C6 doesn't have the supreme body control of the S-Class, nor does it reign in the annoying head toss you get down bumpy lanes, but it's exceptionally quiet and incredibly smooth overall. And unlike the S-Class, there is no audible turbulence around the external mirrors on the motorway.

I know the design is love-it-or-hate-it, but it's very Gallic, very distinctive (particularly at night because of a multitude of amber running lights), and in the UK there are next to none on the road, meaning that unlike the equivalent 5-Series or E-Class, you're never likely to be trying your key in the wrong car in a busy car park.

The one downside to a price tag that is, but a fraction of the competition is a liberal dose of borrowed components, most notably the plasticky indicator stalks and horribly dated satnav system seen in the current C5 (though due to be replaced by the HDD-based one from the 2008 C5 some time next year).

All in all though, if you value comfort over perceived status, and have an open mind about cars that aren't predictably German, then I can almost guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised. I know I was.

Top cap it all, my local Citroen dealer have been friendlier and more helpful than any previous Mercedes or BMW outfit.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2007

20th Jun 2009, 15:02

Oh! Splendid car. Your Citroen C6 is a superb combination between artistic design with a strong personality and highly executed engineering, in my opinion. Certainly, her engine muscle is plebeian, but her cruising ability and stamina are similar to none. I have heard of an example of a Citroen C6 being able to cruise at about 250km/h (155mph) which is much higher than the manufacturer data of 230km/h (143mph),and almost no fatigue after a 2000km trip day! So it is a triumph of engineering.

On the other hand, the C6's controls and switches are rather complicated and quirkily arranged, frankly speaking. So it takes a lot of time and effort to operate the big Citroen's instrument panel sufficiently for those who are accustomed to ordinary cars. And its fuel consumption is rather high, especially in the petrol unit (3.0-litres V6) guise. It is proof that Citroen's petrol unit is high time due for replacement with a new-generation unit! Her V6 petrol engine, yielding 215bhp, needs quite a long straight to reach 240-250km/h and acceleration time is below average (for example,0-100km/h is in 9sec bracket.). It is in the same level as the VW Golf 1.4TSI with only 140bhp!

I hope the brand-new V6 petrol unit for Citroen C6 will be the direct-injection V6 with light pressure turbo, of 250-260bhp bracket (too much power gives the car excessive torque steer.). V6 diesel turbo, the best unit among the C6 range, has strong and constant torque of 44.2kgm so its efficiency is enough for her 1820kg body.

Recently, the 2.7 V6 diesel turbo has been replaced by a vastly-improved 3.0 diesel with 240bhp, that's the best Citroen in the history! Her acceleration and cruising ability can be called a counter punch toward the king of this class-the Mercedes E320CDI. The new C6 3.0HDI is not only the fastest saloon in Citroen history, but also the trigger for a new era of Citroen, I think.

18th Jun 2010, 17:49

Wait till you try and trade it!

7th Dec 2010, 17:47

Why would anyone want to trade in a car they love? 'Trade-in' is company car speak for the company trading in the residual value of a car to use as a deposit on a new model, writing off the net depreciation against corporation tax. C6 owners don't care about trade-in value, HP or contract hire rates. They bought the car of their choice from their private wealth and will it drive it until economically nonviable, many owners probably beyond this stage!

30th Mar 2012, 12:35

Well I intend to keep mine, so there!!!

2007 Citroen C6 HDi 2.7 turbo diesel


If Gainsbourg owned a car today..


Nothing as yet. Although I have done a relatively low mileage and the car is still under warranty, Citroen has a reputation for unreliability, although I would argue that gremlins of the past have in the main been banished these days.

General Comments:

This car is sensational, and does very little wrong. As long as you're not looking for a sports saloon, you cannot fail to be impressed with the eerie smoothness, silence and refinement that is inherent in this spaceship of a car.

It has an Oleopneumatic suspension system called Hydractive III, and provides an inimitable ride quality that feels like you're floating on a bed of air. Speed humps are ironed out of the road, appearing to be absorbed into the car as you drive over them, rough road surfaces are eradicated and large undulations disappear as the magic suspension does its best to hide the shoddy roads beneath you.

Which makes it all the more tragic that in the UK, with its pockmarked tarmac, this car will hardly sell at all, despite being made for our roads.

It's no one trick pony either - the 2.7 V6 HDi engine is awesome for its wonderful torque, smoothness and relatively good fuel economy.

The interior is spacious, very comfortable and oh so stylish in a stunning avant garde way, which mirrors the exterior.

Those in know look longingly at what must be one of the most beautiful cars ever to be designed. It manages to be sporting, elegant, graceful, avant-garde and classical all it once, without being overtly flamboyant or kitsch. Those that ignore it are invariably either in a Mercedes or BMW, or otherwise generally blind to matters of aesthetics.

The C6 deserves to be a much better sales success that it has been hitherto in the UK. The French market is doubtless performing much better, and I hear it is proving quite popular in Germany.

Unfortunately, depreciation will prove to be a big problem for these lovely cars, which is a shame as they are almost up to the standard expected of a BMW or Audi in the same price-bracket, and much much more stylish and comfortable at it. Perhaps if the loss in value wouldn't be so heavy, more people would buy one - as it is you're all missing out on a spectacular car.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2007

23rd Aug 2007, 13:53

Just a small correction to your comments... C6 uses Hydractive 4 not 3/3+ which are available on C5s. Enjoy one of the best cars in the market nowadays.

8th Nov 2007, 13:27

The C6 employs Hydractive 3 Plus as does the 2008 C5. There is no Hydractive 4.

8th Mar 2009, 07:12

Great review! You've hit the nail on the head when discussing why the C6 is doomed to failure in the UK...

"they are almost up to the standard expected of a BMW or Audi "

With respect to the "executive" car market, to be "almost" is simply not good enough. This is a small, exclusive club in the UK and there is no room for also-rans. In fact to get entrance to that club nowadays, you not only have to match its existing, long-established members, you have *beat* 'em! Citroen have the know-how and, other than a few misfires, they have made many wonderful cars - but they have never been prepared to take that extra step of building superior-quality interiors.

The C6 will undoubtedly sell better in other parts of the world but the UK remains one of the most important - but stubborn - markets for car manufacturers. What a shame that Citroen have, once again, squandered an opportunity.

At present the C6 is too new to assess its long-term reliability and maintenance cost-effectiveness. Citroen's past reputation in these areas is not something to be proud of and consequent nagging doubts are another factor in its freefall initial depreciation in the UK. But if we presume Citroen have got it right this time, for those of us looking at buying a second-hand one, it will be not only be a spectacular bargain but something very exclusive and special!

Now - if only they would do an estate version...