14th Apr 2009, 10:24

Perfect summary, yep, its all to do with the badge, being unbiased and with 20 years experience in the motor trade, I can honestly say the C6 is a far superior car compared to (dare I say it) BMW and as for Mercedes, well, they spend most of their time in workshops, but then so do Citroen's. BUT the big difference is that you will expect your C6 to spend some time on a ramp, it's reassuring to know Citroen are keen to iron out all the wrinkles without embarrassment, whereas the other marques mentioned are discretely and quickly pushed into the workshop under a mist of shameful guilt.

In summary, if it was invited into that "elite club", the C6 would gracefully decline.

19th Aug 2009, 08:43

Your description "Almost up to BMW/Audi level" suggests that this car is on the upper-end of Ford/Vauxhall/Chrysler world, doesn't it?

Namely you evaluate your Citroen C6 to be on the level "Something more than Chrysler 300C and Ford Mondeo, but still inferior to well-established Jaguar/BMW/Audi/Mercedes bracket",I observe.

Such phrase "Almost BMW..." means not good enough, so such mass-market branded executive car is on very difficult side to take on directly with the likes of BMW/Audi/Mercedes leagues. It's a kind of fate continuing historically, since the era of Ford Scorpio/Granada!

But in my opinion, the Citroen C6 is well-executed, interestingly engineered automobile with unique personality second to none, so she's worthy alternative to Audi and BMW. Especially new torquey 3.0V6 turbodiesel version is strong rival to the Mercedes-Benz E320CDI, king of this segment.

16th Mar 2010, 21:04

It goes a lot deeper than just trying to compete with the so called quality German marques. The Citroen C6 driver is laid back, secure in the knowledge that he bought a car that is different. He didn't buy it so that he could run with the pack, he is not a sheep. He puts comfort and style above performance. A BMW would never sport reclining rear seats because, in a BMW, it's all about the driver. The passenger is of no consequence, particularly the rear seat passenger. That's why BMW drivers are universally despised. They are selfishness personified. The C6 driver rises above all this. Nice people drive Citroens. I love my C6 and I am proud of it.

6th Jun 2011, 01:15

American wannabe buyer.

How the heck can I buy one? I've looked everywhere.

If brought in thru Windsor Canada, I could register it in Michigan. But I see none for sale (used by owner) in Ontario Canada at all.

How much are the 1st years going for?

What repairs have been common?

Where can I find one?

13th Jul 2011, 10:42

I'm not aware of these having been imported to North America at all, but they may be offered in Canada for all I know. They are exceedingly rare in Europe, even in France! The C6 sold fewer examples than almost any other car on the market in the UK since 2005, barring super expensive exotica, so they are one of the rarest cars you will see on the roads. Most dealers in Europe sold single digit numbers of C6s, and many in poorer or more rural areas sold none at all. If you cannot federalize a European spec car, I believe your only other option is to get it through US Customs as a 'car parts' consignment with some bits dismantled, then put it back together yourself in the US and attempt to register as a 'one off' or 'self-built' car without reference to it being a Citroen?

Good luck, it's a wonderful car and well worth the effort!

14th Jul 2011, 00:01


As an owner of a 2007 C6 diesel for 3 years, I can report that my 70,000km of driving has been seamless. For an owner of many Citroens, a Saab 93 Cabrio, a WRX and an MR2, the C6 is the only car I won't consider selling. Not because I don't want something new (I love to try new things), but simply because it is irreplaceable! There is nothing around that ticks all the boxes of space, speed, comfort, prestige and just being different enough so you know you're not a BMW/Merc me-too type with their iPhones and latest fads.

The C6 is commanding on the road, and the only issue I have had in three years is with the security locknuts on the wheels - they are too easily damaged, and the dealer replaced them with regular wheel nuts free of charge. Services are lower cost than any other Euro car I know, and only every 20K. I am tall, and always test new cars by sitting in the back seat - the C6 ticks every box, and I think it is the best car Citroen have ever produced (and I have driven/owned DS, CX, XM, Xantia, GS, C5, SM).

I think I will end up keeping this car for over 10 years, as it's just perfect, and even then it will be likely to still look like a new car.

Oh yes, one more thing is the build quality - fantastic. I have had that many car park bumps, kids bikes etc - not a mark, as the quality of paint and steel is top notch.

8th Mar 2015, 15:40

Hello all you C6 owners,

I wonder if anyone can help me? I drove my C6 back home from my Local Citroen service dealer after its MOT - around 20 miles. Drove it into my garage, locked it with the keyfob, and it was then 4/5 days later when I required to use it, the car would not open with the keyfob. I then tried the key in the driver's door lock - nothing, so I am now unable to get into or move my C6 out of the garage.

My local Citroen service dealer are unable to help they say, without the possibility of lots of damage to get in.

The C6 is a 2.7 EXC 2010 with 24,000 miles.

Can anyone out there please help.

4th May 2015, 17:06

I have a 2006 C6 2.7 diesel with 76,000 miles and it is in the US and currently for sale. Contact me at se@ultratechsys.com and we can discuss details.

Sid Ellner

14th Nov 2015, 21:14


What happened afterwards? I bought one two months ago.

14th May 2022, 14:03

Other manufacturers could make decent large family/executive cars when they tried, but the market was and still is to this day dominated by BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.