1978 Citroen GS Base 1.1


An engineering tour de force


Lots - suspension leaks, clutch failure, exhausts, and rust... plenty of rust.

General Comments:

Learned a lot in 18 months due to all the faults and all the DIY fixes. However this car rode and drove superbly. Great on fuel and quick for what it was. Stability at speed is unrivaled, and the base model I had stalks and clocks on the dash, rather than the pods and things.

The overall memories are good ones.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2013

1978 Citroen GS Club 1.2


To look at only


Severe rust in doors and front valance on getting the car.

Numerous electrical problems with ignition barrel.

Starter motor packed in, and had to be replaced four times.

Rear brakes seizing and sticking.

Only moved when it felt like it, which wasn't often. Every time I took it out, something went wrong.

Local mechanics wouldn't touch it.

General Comments:

I got this car free through my family - was young and skint, so needed a cheap starter classic.

Lovely to look at and drive, but it broke my heart, cost me a packet.

I was going to restore it, so that it was perfect, as these are interesting cars, and at the time, had ground breaking engineering, especially suspension and ride.

In the end I gave it away free to a salvage guy to save my frazzled sanity and empty pockets. Never again!

I do love Citroens... but these ones are cheap, and it's for a reason.

The GSA is much better, but has carburettor problems.

The car was well maintained before I got it, and the mechanic seemed to make a healthy living - I wonder why?... Oh well.

Go there at your peril.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2010

1978 Citroen GS Club


Extremely over-engineered, but superior to 70's British offerings in every way


The main problem with these cars now is rust. Mine has rusted on the under-tray.

The exhaust leaks and there are a lot of complex pipes in the exhaust system.

General Comments:

The GS has the smoothest ride quality I have ever experienced and yet the handling is superb with well weighted steering and a feeling of solidity and safety at speed.

The UK cars have a lovely sporty aluminum effect round dial dash.

Although performance is good for a 1.2 car it uses more fuel that most 2 litre cars if you drive it hard.

The engine is a flat four air cooled overhead camshaft unit so was amazingly smooth and turbine like for its time. This means that you don't get any of the nasty low pitch roar that you get from a normal engine.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2005

17th Jan 2007, 17:23

I owned a similar GS Club in the 1980's and it was a fabulous car. Economical, reliable, stylish, sporty and roomy. All I wanted for a young family. Then Citroen had a brain explosion and started going backwards quickly. They stopped making the GS and started making the ugly BX. Reliability went downhill and so did the company. Fast forward to current times. If you read Citroen reviews or talk to Citroen owners you will find a library of complaints with poor build quality, faulty electronics, safety hazards... need I go on. What happened to Citroen?

18th Jan 2007, 14:04

So, in your opinion, the GS is more reliable than the BX? Dream on. The main selling point of the BX was in fact reliability. Remember the slogan "Loves driving, hates garages"?

15th Jul 2007, 18:24

He is not dreaming, I work with Citroens and the BX is a lot more faulty than the GS ever has been. The GS is a very simple construction (yet very technical sophisticated) which will go and go, just with a right amount of care. The BX will need a lot more care to last as long as a GS. The GS is also a safer car.

3rd Dec 2010, 04:58

Amazing car, noise and fuel consumption DIMINISHED at top speed. Rust was omnipresent.

27th Feb 2015, 21:28

They were bought by Peugeot.