Espero CDX 2.0 MPI

Cheap and well spec'd, but a substandard car at the end of the day

171 words

Espero GLXi 1.5 DOHC petrol

A saloon car, plain and simple

90 words

Espero CDi 1.8

But cheap, pay later?

77 words, 1 comment

Espero CDXi 2.0

Worth the money

24 words

Espero CDi 1.8

Comfy daily workhorse at a good price

230 words

Espero CDXi 2.0 Litres

Swift but thirsty!

47 words

Espero CDi 1.8

118 words, 6 comments

Espero CDXI 2.0 petrol

45 words

Espero CDX 2.0 petrol

27 words


Espero CDI 1.8

Cheap wheels for a family on a budget

186 words

Espero CDXi 2.0 litre injection

I have found the car very easy to maintain. It is in my opinion without a doubt the best value secon

441 words

Espero CDXi 2.0 EFI

Aint good looking, but it's reliable and comfortable

812 words, 3 comments

Espero CDXi 2.0 Litre Injection

Good value for money, worth every penny!

86 words

Espero CDi 1.8

Comfortable, spacious and plenty of gadgets

71 words

Espero CDi 1.8

A wolf in sheep's clothing!

164 words, 7 comments

Espero CDi 1.8i

Lots of toys for your money, but high cost of spares

204 words

Espero CDi 1.8 petrol

A lot of car for the money

166 words, 1 comment

Espero CDXi 2.0 petrol

Reliable, quick, heavy on the juice

17 words

Espero GLXI 1.5

A good second hand high spec bargain

25 words

Espero CDi 1.8

57 words

Espero CDI 1.8

21 words


Espero CDXi 2.0

A cheap car to buy and run with a lot of extras

122 words

Espero CDi 1.8 petrol

Pleasant, cheap with luxuries

84 words

Espero CDi 1.8

Good car for a low price with good comfort

45 words