2003 Daewoo Matiz SE 0.8


Reliable and economic


Electric window, driver's side, now fixed.

General Comments:

This is my first Matiz. I have only had Nissan Micras before.

I love this car. It's reliable and economical, although the tax band is higher than I expected; that is due to the government's new rulings about emissions!

I find the Matiz comfortable and a lot more roomy than I thought it would be for a small car.

It's easy to park, taking a bit less room than a Micra.

I never thought I would ever change from the Nissan Micras, but I love, love this little car!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd September, 2013

24th Sep 2013, 20:02

Wow, you're calling it reliable after a whopping 4000 miles you have done in it. Do yourself a favour and look at the other reviews of this car... or just keep your car for another 60000 miles and then see if you think it is reliable.

6th Sep 2015, 22:00

We've had a Chevrolet Matiz for 60k miles with no major dramas, so if that fits your criteria, then yep I can say they are reliable.