Grande Punto Active 1.2

Good value for money

143 words

Grande Punto Sporting 1.9 Multijet

Economical & sporty without being harsh or OTT

460 words

Grande Punto Active 1.2 petrol

You can do better

127 words

Grande Punto Dynamic 1.4

Poor reliability

85 words

Grande Punto Sporting 1.9 JTD Multijet

This car is a rare combination of being practical, economical, affordable and full of flair

216 words, 1 comment

Grande Punto Dynamic 1.2

80 words, 2 comments

Grande Punto sporting 1.9 diesel

Fantastic, I recomend the 1.9 sporting

28 words

Grande Punto sport 1.4

A good car let down by poor dealer service and very poor technical backup by fiat UK

48 words

Grande Punto 1.4

Shoddily put together!

130 words, 24 comments