Punto Active 1.2 8v

Shocking build quality

375 words, 2 comments

Punto Active 1.2

A pleasant little runner

18 words

Punto MultiJet 1.3 diesel

Economical but flawed

104 words

Punto HGT 1.9 JTD turbo diesel

Cracking value

69 words

Punto Active Sport 1.2 8v

Fun sexy italian car that stands out from the crowd

249 words

Punto Active Sport 1.2 8v

A fun sexy Italian city car

209 words

Punto HGT JTD Multijet 1.9 turbo diesel

Very good all rounder car, if a little boring

427 words

Punto Active Sports 1.2

Great, brilliant, very happy

178 words

Punto Active 1.2

Nice car, but too many problems have been reported, and rubbish customer care

370 words, 7 comments

Punto active sport 1.2 16v

Love - hate relationship with my punto!

269 words

Punto ACTIVE 1.2

Break down after break down

186 words, 1 comment

Punto Sporting 1.4 6-speed

Quick 6-speed machine

100 words, 5 comments

Punto Sporting Active 1.2

Bad design, poor runner, not worth the inconvenience

92 words

Punto Sporting 1.4 petrol

Good value for money poor ride quality

97 words, 6 comments

Punto Active Sport 16V 1.2 16v

Cheap to buy, run and insure, whilst being reliable and fun (ish)

150 words

Punto Active Sport 1.2 8v

A nice car, but not without some little faults

153 words, 1 comment

Punto Multijet Diesel 1.3 turbo diesel

Car good, after sales not good

135 words, 1 comment

Punto Active Sport 1.2 8v

A Sexy Little Italian Number!

355 words, 12 comments