Fiat Tempra reviews from UK and Ireland


Tempra SLX 2.0L


109 words

Tempra 1.9 DS 1.9 norm diesel

A good car spoilt by build and design faults

129 words


Tempra SX 2.0 turbo diesel

Tops for DIYers

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Tempra SW SX 1.9 turbo diesel

Let down badly by poor reliability and poor service from Fiat

244 words


Tempra 1.4

A nice car that is cheap to run

150 words

Tempra SX Selecta 1.6 petrol

Different, rare and like nothing else on the road

193 words


Tempra TDS 1.9 turbo diesel

It's OK, lasted longer than most cars

125 words

Tempra 1.4

Cheap, Italian personality, reliable and loads of space

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Tempra SX 1.6 Carburettor

A cheap well thought out cruiser

101 words

Tempra 1.4

Excellent value for money for the size of the car

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Tempra DGT 1.6

High performance - bad investment

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