1991 Fiat Tempra 1.4 from Israel


If you can get a good one with a bigger engine, buy it


Head gasket blew about a week after I bought it. That is because it wasn't driven for a few months before I bought it. The repair cost me 375 Dollars (1500 Shekels)

The right wing indicator light broke (Probably some kid wanted to steal it). It cost me nothing to repair.

The brake fluid pump started leaking and I had to change it. Cost: 150 Dollars (600 Shekels)

My exhaust muffler was full of dirt and I had to change it. It cost me about 80 Dollars. (320 Shekels)

General Comments:

The seats are not very comfortable. They are not supportive, and if you drive aggressively, it's uncomfortable.

The quality of the plastics on the dashboard is horrendous. It is a known problem in Tempra's. It was fixed after 1995, when they changed it. The Israeli sun doesn't help very much in this, and most Tempra's have cracked dashboards. Mine is not too bad.

The trunk (Boot) is very large and well designed. No unnecessary spaces and no strange pockets in which you can lose things.

The over all design in pretty nice and is becoming a classic. I'm not ashamed to stand next to any new car in the lights. It looked nice.

I would buy one, but it would have to have a new dashboard and a bigger engine (1.6 or 2.0).

There isn't enough power with a 1.4.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2009

1991 Fiat Tempra TDS 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


It's OK, lasted longer than most cars


Various fiat-typical problems with brakes and suspension, rusted bolts and bleed nipples, seized brakes.

Rear springs are dying due to heavy towing.

Also both rear window motors have died and central locking.

And the stereo is lame, even if it is a blaupunkt.

General Comments:

Not bad for it's mileage and generally quite reliable.

Fairly quick for a diesel, beats my friend's new vectra.

Excellent grip off road for a 2wd car, although ground clearance lets it down.

Very poor towing due to 1st gear not being low enough. Towing limit about 2ton.

Funky digital speedometer.

Goes through almost 2ft of water if you raise the air intake a bit. V good.

Boot on saloon is big, but useless as the boot lid is really really tiny.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2005

1991 Fiat Tempra 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Cheap, Italian personality, reliable and loads of space


Rear brake cylinders, both went after first year and a half (wear). Horn and wind screen wiper electrical fault, intermediate fault where they would not stop (lasted for two days, then stopped. Mystery). Carburetor seal perished, radiator leak, alternator light constantly on in the damp and needed to replace wiper assembly.

General Comments:

I love this cars personality, which in the past four years has given small problems (nothing too bad). Has been very reliable and with 124000 miles on the clock, keeps on going. Will not out run the police with the 1.4 engine, but is cheap to run and I love it better than my previous Audi 80 sport (fast, great handling, but boring). If they still built this car, I would buy another.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2002

16th Aug 2005, 07:31

I own a 1992 Fiat Tempra with 284,000 km. I can honestly say the car has been extremely dependable, only minor problems. The engine runs smooth and clean and burns no oil. The body is showing its age, but the car has certainly surprised many people who dislike Fiats.

1991 Fiat Tempra SX I.E. 1.8 petrol inj. from Australia and New Zealand


Original, reliable, good looking


Oil leaks. Not of major concern. A usual Fiat problem so don't worry if you've got it.

I bought it with a snapped wiper which I need to replace, cheap to replace though, c.50USD.

General Comments:

Very rare in NZ. I'm sick of Japanese cars, not cos they're all bad, because they are all the same crap design.

Because your car is different you want to look after it more. Fast, big interior, galvanized so no rust whatsoever. No complaints, love the car.

Only paid $4000NZ (2kUSD). Excellent condition.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2002

13th Feb 2004, 15:46


Other windscreen wiper broke off while on motorway.. I'm sure I can be sued if that hit someone. $100NZD.

Main fuel line cracking - spotted by mechanic. $70.

3x central locking faults. Not fixed - $100 +

Driver window electrics replaced. $150.

Central muffler replaced. $200.

Engine thermostat for injection system replaced. $300.

Radiator leaked - in the city. Whole radiator replaced. $500.

Rear brake cylinders leaked - replaced along with subsequently damaged rear brake pads. $450.

Front left tyre constantly wear faster than the rest even after alignment.

Knocking sound at front due to damaged bushes - $250.

Exterior rubber trim not fitting properly - no leaks yet.

Car graunches into 3rd if engaged too fast.

Reverse gear is unwilling.

'Economy' light on dash no longer going.

I often find random spings/screws at my feet...


15th Oct 2009, 02:11

I got my one cheap as chips, and was very happy with it. Nothing at all went wrong with it, although I replaced the rear locks which weren't locking on the C locking. It went well. A sublime chassis I'd have to say. Super accurate steering, with load of feedback. A few oil leaks including one that sporadically dropped onto the exhaust resulting in an oil burning smell. In the end I sold it as it was surplus to requirements. Would love to try an Alfa 155, which is essentially the same car. That extra 45 bhp from the 2L twin spark would make this a very tasty car indeed..