2001 Ford Focus Ghia 1.8 petrol


Mine is a dog, but even excepting that, it's still full of annoyances


Was running a high temperature (just below red) for a few days because the cooling fan fuse had blown. This was difficult to replace, as this fuse isn't a standard size and was awkward to find.

Stopped running due to a broken camshaft, which meant a new head needed to be fitted. This cost £1160 inc. parts and labour.

The cigarette lighter doesn't work.

General Comments:

I bought this as a "learner-friendly" car as my wife is learning to drive - the Volvo was a bit too big and too gutsy, so I bought a Focus instead.

Everyone seems to think the Focus is a great car. I'd say it's not bad - it handles OK, but it's a lot slower than I would have expected from a 1.8 in a smallish car. Whilst it's easy to drive, I find the gear change a bit stiff and it has irritating "features", like turning the air conditioning on when you de-mist the window. You can't open the boot without a key either.

It's also a lot thirstier than I bargained for. It's supposed to get around 38mpg, but I struggle for 28mpg and haven't been driving it that hard - not hard enough to break a camshaft anyway. Apparently that snapped because the head wasn't running true. My mechanic suggested the head had been off before (presumably for a head gasket) and wasn't re-skimmed.

So it's only OK. It's not the driver's car I thought it would be, neither has it been reliable. It isn't as practical as it should be (double buggy won't go in the boot) and it has its fair share of annoyances.

That'll teach me for trying to be the perfect customer in eBay and not properly testing the thing first.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2006

7th Dec 2008, 15:04

I agree that the boot is small if you are carrying around a baby buggy. I also found that when I put my son's carseat in I can't get the belt into the appropriate clip and it goes instead into the middle one. A three seater in the back but only if the people are thin children I would say. Otherwise I'm loving this wee car, which is a bit gutless, but I'm coming down from a large 2 litre sedan so have to expect some compromises for the better fuel economy. Agree also that it is a bit annoying having to use the key to open the boot when you are outside the car. Generally a great wee car - I love the back lights!

2001 Ford Focus Ghia Estate 1.8 TdDi


Good package let down by poor finish.


The car has started to rust in three places, the most serious being on the boot lid, where it is bubbling around the trim. The other two patches of rust are behind the door mirrors. I have approached my usual dealer about this, they referred the claim to Ford UK, who told me the car was to old for them to consider repairing. Beware of the anti-perforation warranty, this does not mean an anti-rust/corrosion cover. I have had several communications with Ford customer services, non have resulted in a satisfactory outcome.

General Comments:

Comfortable, reliable and economical car with fine handling that can upset much more prestige manufacturers cars. Shame it cannot match the finish, not hard for todays technologies.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2005

12th Nov 2005, 10:19

Can I assume you have a Ghia model with the chrome strip on bootlid? If so, it's a VERY well known problem specific to ghias, where the chrome strip reacts with paint. A service bulletin was released, so mention this to your dealer/Ford UK!

Good luck.

2001 Ford Focus Zetec 2.0i 16v ESP


Fantastic to drive, sexy, great handling. Well done ford


Not really any major problems with it yet, apart from it sounds like the front offside bearing is going and may need replacing soon. Apart from that, you cannot knock it one bit.

General Comments:

I think this car is just stunning. I have the 3 door version, in radiant red. It has got Lexus smoked rear lights and still got the standard 16" wheels. Its definitely a head turner.

The car is seriously quick upto around 90 - 95 and then slows down quite rapidly, but will easily cruise at 110 all day. Managed to get 122 out of it, when quoted 125 in book.

The best gear is 3rd in the car, its pull really well in it. Does around 65 in 2nd which is quite good I reckon. However, it has problem keeping up with rivals as 130 just is not enough.

People may say the 2.0 Focus is a hot hatch... but its not, but yet not far from one.

You can drive 400 miles and still feel like you have drove to the shops. The seats are comfortable, the pedals are layed out well and the driving position is spot on.

The traction control system is great aswell, especially when thrashing it on a country road. It will handle like its on rails. The car has never let me down either, starts first time every time.

The tyres are needing replacing within the next 1000 miles. Checking from previous invoices, the tyres are lasting between 12k - 15k. Suppose it does eat them.

The fuel ecomony isn't brilliant around town, you are looking at 200 miles around town, but when going on a long run it surprises you with 350ish to one tank. Obviously the harder you push it, the worse it is. From a full tank and hard driving all the time around town, I managed 148 on one tank.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2005