2001 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 16v Zetec SE


A superb car that delivers on every front


Absolutely Nothing. Solid reliability so far.

General Comments:

I initially chose this car over rivals due to the amount of praise it has recieved from the critics.

As a used car, the Focus makes an excellent buy. The used values are a few hundred greater than rivals such as the Astra, but it was certainly worth paying that bit extra for it.

This car is simply amazing to drive. The Zetec version has stiffened suspension, which makes the ride a little firm, but if you appreciate great handling this will not bother you. The power steering is very precise as is the gearshift.

As for performance, the 1.6 litre is quite impressive. The engine is the Zetec SE, (developed with Yamaha) which is more advanced and actually quicker than the 1.8 version. The power is delivered very smoothly, and the engine pulls well from low revs.

Running costs are dirt cheap. Fuel economy is excellent (it actually does achieve almost 50mpg on a long journey), and likewise the insurance is very reasonable. Servicing is cheap and these cars are so popular any garage can do it. It's never let me down, but apparently they are cheap to fix if anything does go wrong.

The actual quality of this car is brilliant, so much better than previous Fords. All the controls and switches are chunky and easy to use. The equipment on board is impressive, as mine came with the optional air conditioning.

The interior is very comfortable, and it's a pleasure to spend time in the car. The design has been around since 1998, but you wouldn't think so because it still looks the part inside and out.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2005

2001 Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 petrol


Fantastic in every way


Nothing major - the 2 faults that have occurred are apparently common on many Focuses.

Firstly, the engine fan runs constantly, apparently it should only do this if the air con or heated screen are turned on, but in mine it kicks in as soon as the engine starts.

Also, a spring which returns the gearlever to the neutral position between 3rd and 4th has broken, meaning that the lever sticks and 3rd is sometimes difficult to engage.

Both these problems I haven't got round to fixing and are easily to live with.

General Comments:

I have only had the car for 2 months, but already it has won me over.

The driving position and visibility are excellent, and of course the legendary handling will impress anyone coming out of an Escort. There is a feeling of secureness and stability that has you flinging it round corners and roundabouts, making it great fun to drive.

The ride on the Zetec is quite firm because it has sports suspension, but it never feels harsh.

Delighted with the looks, the Focus has really grown on me, particularly with Zetec alloys, fog lights etc and I quite like the Aquafrost colour, although wasn't sure about it at first.

I would recommend the Focus to anyone - it is just a fantastic car for the money. Try and get one with Climate pack if you can - the heated windscreen is a godsend in winter.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004

2001 Ford Focus LX 1.8


Pure driving pleasure, forget Volkswagens


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

A supreme driver's car. Handling is superb and I run out of nerve before the car runs out of grip on a bend. Everything just feels right. The steering is precise and not over assisted giving real feel of what is happening under the wheels. Te driving position feels right and you get out of this car with a smile on your face. It is for driving so go and driver one!

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

2001 Ford Focus ZETEC 1.6 petrol


Poblems have clouded what could be a nice car



Drivers door handle refused to open door (central locking didn't regester it) -Replacement handle.

Petrol gauge regestered on empty when tank was half/full. Was told it may be a glitch in tank. Advised to drive continuously round a roundabout, shaking the car from side to side! :Needed new float-fixed, but still reads on empty from time to time.

Cold start. Loud rasping from front of car engine. Reported problem time after time, but still not fixed.

Water appeared in passenger foot well. Pollen filter replaced. Water appeared again, went to garage for water tests, fixed problem.

Water appeared in both passenger-driver-rear passenger footwells - 3 inches. Spent 3 days in garage. One week later started to leak again. Drivers and passenger seat now damp after rain.

Went back into body shop to fix on going problem. Was assured this time problem was fixed. Started leaking again - drivers, passengers, rear passengers footwells - seats still damp after rain.

Green Moss growing on car door window, rubber ledges.

Car has constant fusty smell due to the water problem.

General Comments:

Problems apart.

Very comfortable seats, roomy interior, stylish, modern.

Engine slow for 1.6 16valve.

Handling very responsive.

Nice alloys and seats.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2004