1999 Ford Puma reviews from UK and Ireland

Puma 1.7 petrol

Fun for one, but not really for a family

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Puma Racing 1.7 petrol

Future classic, amazing drive, ignore the lack of power

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Puma 1.7 16v vct

Good fun, a real animal

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Puma 1.7

Fantastic little coupe

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Puma Lux 1.7


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Puma 1.7 Lux 1.7

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Puma LUX 1.7

A great performing, great looking, superb handling 21st Century BARGAIN!

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Puma 1.7 1.7 petrol

Looks good and goes

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Puma 1.7

Brilliant handling, road holding and overall performance - a great drivers car

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Puma 1.7 VCT

Good fun if you don't have passengers

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Puma 1.7 petrol

Stylish and fun car with serious cross country ability

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Crowbar the smile from my face

Puma Lux 1.7 petrol

Great fun!!!! Average build quality

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Puma Full Spec 1.7 petrol

Pocket Rocket.......

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Puma 1.7 VCT petrol

The affordable feel-good car

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Puma 1.4 petrol


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Puma Lux Pack 1.7 16v petrol

If this car was an animal it WOULD be a Puma..

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Puma 1.7 16V DOHC

It's like go-karting but with a radio in it - what a blast

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Puma 1.7 petrol

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