Puma Thunder 1.7i VCT petrol

A phenomenally fun driver's car, low on practicality and with possibly high running costs

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Puma Thunder 1.7i


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Puma 16V 1.7

Great fun to drive,

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Puma 1.7

The most automotive fun you can get per £

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Puma 1.6 1.6

A good cheap fun reliable rapid machine!

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Puma 1.7

An excellent Sports Coupe

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Puma Storm 1.7

Cracking engine, go kart thrills, build quality gremlins

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Puma 1.7VCT 1.7

Great drive, shame about the build quality

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Puma Zetec 1.7i 16v VCT

A great performing coupe at an affordable price

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Puma 1.7i

Stunned for words... It's really that good!

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