2000 Honda Accord S 1.8i


Indestructible engine, and an excellent car all round!


Ignition barrel fault - fixed immediately.

Warped brake discs @ 50K - common problem apparently.

Some very annoying squeaking from passenger door trim happening now, and won't go away.

General Comments:

The car was perfect when I got it, and the brake discs had just been changed, as they had warped, and this is apparently a common problem.

Clutch was replaced, but the local garage made a right mess of it, and it's never been right since with bad engagement and now a creaking coming from the clutch. However, this isn't a fault of the car, and it still ran great despite this!

Tappets needed adjusting as they are manual. Again, another local garage made a right mess of this, and it came back sounding like a diesel. Ended up getting my uncle to do it (old school mechanic), and it was perfect and quiet afterwards. Seems that today's mechanics don't know how to get the engine "on the rock".

Performance is poor until you hit the VTEC prime time at 4,500rpm and then it flies! Fuel economy is not very good unless you take it really easy. Hit the VTEC and you can watch the fuel gauge drop!

Cabin quality is very good, and feels expensive with soft-touch trims. None of that hard plastic crap.

Handling is excellent thanks to the great suspension! Stick a set of Yokohama tyres on and it's like being on rails! A little crashy round town, but an awesome motorway car, and very smooth and quiet.

Obviously this is now quite an old car, but it's gone through a hell of a lot with me, and I've red lined it on regular occasions - the engine is indestructible!!!

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Review Date: 26th November, 2010

2000 Honda Accord S 1.8 vtec


Relaxing classy car with good engine


Wheel bearing went just before 100k miles.

Door pins rattle constantly in all four doors.

General Comments:

Beautifully built dash and comfortable seats.

Good strong performance for a small engine.

Very relaxing and easy to drive.

The door pins problem is rectified by simply locking the doors!!

One of the better cars in this class, along same lines of a passat or newer mondeo.

Highly recommended and cheap as chips to buy now too!!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2007

2000 Honda Accord S 1.8


Very nearly faultless - great car!


Minor problem on delivery with Radio (fixed within 24 hours). That was about it, for four and a half years and 53000 miles.

General Comments:

Have just traded in my Accord for a new Honda CRV. The car proved absolutely faultless (apart from the radio issue on delivery) and just ran like clockwork.

Performance from the 1850cc engine was very good, though fuel consumption was not fantastic at around 26 MPG for town use and approx 34 mpg on the motorway (freeway). The trade off was that when the V-TEC kicked in, it could give the boy racers a run for their money! Even in more mundane family driving, once you got to know the good spots on the torque curve, there always seemed power available to overtake in safety.

Build quality in terms of engine/mechanicals and bodywork was fantastic, but the interior suffered from a few cheap looking materials and did look a bit tired towards the end.

Overall, I was really sad to see this car go - if I had the money to spare, I would have kept it, as it was the best car I've ever owned in nearly 30 years motoring. In the end, it just got a bit too tight on space for our family (2 adults and now 3 teenage kids), and we needed something with more passenger and luggage space.

Went for another Honda as both the cars and the dealers are so much better than the likes of VW, Ford, and even Volvo; all of which I've tried before.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2005

5th Oct 2007, 16:56

I couldn't agree more! I bought a 2000 Honda Accord S 1.8 from my parents (primarily because I knew it would have been looked after) and I love the car!

I am still getting used to the VTEC engine, but everything seems very well put together and I am getting around 400 miles to the tank. Perhaps some people may find the ride a little firm, but there is practically no roll which I prefer to a softer ride. The car can really shift when you need it to!

Engine noise is at a minimum, especially on the motorway, but can't comment on road noise as it's mainly to do with the tyres - generally the better the tyres are for the wet, the noisier they are (i.e. the cross-thread profile type or something). Still, it's very quiet inside.

My only annoyance is a strange squeak that I sometimes hear. Only one squeak is audible and rarely happens, but is quite loud and noticeable and I can't find where it's coming from!

When I come to upgrade I'll probably go for the newer Accord - I do like the Mazda 6 but it's very noisy on the motorway which puts me off.