1996 Honda Civic Coupe lsi 1.6


A reliable weapon


Exhaust replaced from the cat back. Other than that nothing :)

General Comments:

I can't believe the reliability of these machines. All I have done is maintained it as and when required e.g. (Oil/Filter changes every 6k) and tyres due to the motorway miles I do in her. Its one of the best cars I have owned to date.

I haven't taken it to the main dealer so I can't comment on their service.

Performance wise its not going to blow your skirt off, but once you are up in the rev range then it begins to move a little quicker. It holds the road well giving you confidence on the twisty demanding bits you encounter.

Its comfortable for my 60 mile round trip to work and is happy to start every time without fail.

P.s. I have never seen one of these on the side of the road broken down.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2005

1996 Honda Civic LS 1.5 VTEC


This is an excellent car


The clutch is horrible and needs replacing.

General Comments:

This is a beautiful car.

Drive it with the Econo light on and you can easily get good mileage, hit the VTEC and the car roars into life.

Interior is very 'old man'.

Handling is good but taking corners too fast can slide the back out.

Very fast for a 1.5(115bhp).

I'm only 18 and insurance was the same as a 1.4 Fiesta, a bargain in my opinion.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2004

12th Dec 2005, 21:10

I've had the car almost two years now and its covered 122000 miles. My Civic hasn't had an easy life for its last 25000 miles. Its seen track days and lots of hard use, but its still going strong, the engine runs like it did when I bought the car. I've had to replace brake discs and replace the gearbox as the final drive failed, also I've replaced the suspension bushes, but that's more to do with the roads where I live. The car has been great and still runs like new.

6th Feb 2007, 07:38

I sold the car to a friend and it is now coming up to 140k miles. Its still running very well and hasn't needed any repairs at all, the engine is still very strong and everything is as it should be.

1996 Honda Civic LSi Coupe 1.6


Between fuel consumption, and reliability it's one of the cheapest cars I have owned.


The electric window went on the drivers side. I'm told this is a common fault. The rubbers slides become dry when the car is about six years old and put a greater strain on the motor. The local Honda dealer fixed this the following day including new rubbers for £105.00.

The only other faults apart from that were the exhaust and the battery. Both acceptable on a car over six years old.

General Comments:

Every moving part of the car seemed to look and work as it did the day it came out the show room. There was a feeling of quality unexpected in a relatively cheap car.

It was also deceptively fast in a straight line. However trying to go round a corner at speed was not advisable. The car was well balanced, but the tires were skinny and any grip they did give would force you to hang on to the steering wheel with white knuckles as the seats provided almost no side support.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2003

1996 Honda Civic SR Coupe VTEC 1.6


Try to find one


The radio has failed already.

Apart from that is seems to be sound.

General Comments:

The 1.6 SR VTEC is a must, It is a really fast car for a 1.6. Push it over 4500 rpm and hear the engine roar.

It is hard to find the 1.6SR VTEC, but when you find one its worth it.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

15th Jun 2009, 11:30

What about the handling? This Civic glides into corners and mine has been mistaken for a rear wheel drive conversion on occasion. I've driven Vauxhalls, Rovers, Seats, etc etc but the Civic is a legend! An unmodified 1.6 SRi has 123bhp at the wheels. And it still looks amazing, not a day out of date.