Civic Jordan 1.6 VTi DOHC vtec

When you're on a smooth straight road, she screams out hit VTEC!!!

152 words

Civic Jordan 1.6 DOHC vtec

DOHC Vtec engines are the best Invention ever!!!

337 words

Civic Coupe VTi 1.6

The best car I have owned

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Civic LSi VTEC 1.5

A reliable, good looking little hatchback with a split personality... fuel economy and speed!

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Civic VTi Aerodeck 1.8

An underrated performance car

111 words

Civic VTI 1.8

If you like banzai power and reliability rolled into one, this is for you!

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Civic LS 1.5 VTEC

Subtle and superbly reliable

219 words, 2 comments

Civic Vti-S 1.8 DOHC Vtec

Wolf in sheep's clothing comes to mind!

131 words

Civic VTI 1.8 petrol

Extremely quick, understated car

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Civic VTEC-E 1.5

Sheer class

283 words, 1 comment

Civic VTi 1.8

High performance, but too noisy

196 words

Civic LS 1.5 VTEC

No one will see you coming or going in this car

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Civic ESi 1.6 VTEC petrol

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