Concerto 16se 1.6 twin cam

Good reliable car, and cheap to run

72 words

Concerto 1.6 16v

Good, reliable, cheap car

157 words

Concerto 1.6i 16SE 1.6

The most reliable car I have ever owned

70 words

Concerto EXi 1.6i 16v Double Overhead Cam p

Insurance friendly, high performance bargain

110 words

Concerto injection 1.5

A great family car with a bit of get up and go!

33 words, 4 comments

Concerto SE 1.6i 16v

Value for money with reliability

67 words


Concerto 1.6i 16v DOHC 1.6i 16v DOHC

Looks like a wolf, sounds like a wolf and goes like hell

110 words


Concerto Blaise 1.6i 16v

A Modifiers Dream

159 words, 3 comments

Concerto 1.6i-16 valve

A reliable, powerful family car

18 words

Concerto 1.6i (121bhp) petrol

16 words


Concerto EX I 1.6 i

Looks like a car your Grandpa would drive, But with the performance any

157 words, 1 comment


Concerto EX 1.6

A reliable family well equipped hatch!

97 words