2005 Honda S2000 GT 2.0 liter


Delightful, but in 2008 it's a dated car


Headlight washer comes on during the day when I clean the windscreen (with headlights off). The car has a button for the headlight washer anyway, so it shouldn't come on automatically, particularly without the headlights on!

General Comments:

Its superbly built, has a fantastic gearbox and is actually quite comfortable. However it's now 2008 and the car has been around for 10 years, so it could do with changing, even though I love it.

Alarmingly, when at speed and revving it highly (i.e. 80mph+ in 4th gear) and then change up a gear, the rear end shudders slightly. Surely this shouldn't happen?

Other little gripes are the fact headrest speakers aren't standard and heated seats aren't available (even though its £28k new!) The ride is actually quite good for a roadster, but driving the Mazda RX-8 does highlight how dated the S2000 is. It is way off the pace against the Mazda in terms of handling, especially in damp conditions, refinement and general appeal. It is probably a little more reliable though, and has a nicer gearbox in its favour.

You really do have to work that engine hard considering its 237bhp and my friend's 2.2 liter CTDi Civic can actually keep up with me most of the way. How is that?

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Review Date: 1st December, 2008

25th Jun 2010, 01:37

Sounds odd. A Civic keeping up with the S2000? Are you sure it is okay motor wise?


28th Mar 2011, 12:11

I wouldn't say no to this. A friend of mine has an 08 2.2CDTI civic and it really pulls with the torque. OK it is remapped, but will keep up with a lot of the Type R cars whether a Civic, Integra or S2000 and still gets great MPG.

28th Mar 2011, 14:35

The S2000 is a good sport car to buy used... The consumers report annual auto guide says that the 06 and 07 were very good cars used cars... The 05 had some examples that had some engine problems... Since the car went for 25,000 to 30,000 new... a good price to pay for a good use one would be 8000.00 to 12000.00... Try to get one owner car... also if you can't get it for that price... just wait...good examples are coming on the market every day... Great poor man's mini Ferrari...

1st May 2011, 14:30

If you find a mid mileage 2005 S2K for 8-12k, you must be smelling breakfast... because IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!!!

More like 16 to 18k after you are out of your jammy's and back on your feet.

2nd May 2011, 09:24

You are correct... my error...my comments for the 8-12k should have been for the the 01-04 S2000...and going on craigslist search for multiple S2000s, you can find many for the 8-12k figure... my comments should have been more clear... also the car has not changed much since 2001... so finding a good clean 01-04 for that price range should be easy if you are patient to find the perfect one owner car with records.... also pay a mechanic the 80.00 dollars to check the compression in each cylinder, and put it up on the rack to check for structure damage...

2000 Honda S2000 2.0 Vtec




Seized suspension bushes

Misted up headlight.

General Comments:

The good:

Fast once you hit v-tec at 6k rpm, although hardly any faster than my previous Civic Type - R.

Excellent handling, easy to oversteer, esp in the wet, but I like that! Just grips in the dry unless you're being silly.

The best gear change I've ever experienced, (I've driven, 911's, Elise and Caterhams etc)

Quite comfortable over a long distance.

The Bad:

Thirst, I averaged about 20mpg over the 18 months I owned it.

Sluggish under 6K RPM as the gearing is tall for a car with little torque.

Gloomy cabin, well made, but typical japanese boring plastic everywhere.

Hard to see out of with the roof up which can make parking a pain.

But then you don't buy this car for the practicality!

A lot of older cars seem to suffer from seized bushes, you can either get new suspension from Honda (very expensive) or get new poly bushes, however its does take a fair bit of work to get them fitted.

All in all a great car! I've sold it and now drive a 1990 VW Polo :o (. Would a get another one, probably yes.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2008