2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.0 CRDi


I love my ' Busty ', as I call her :)


Steering wheel grip rubber cracked/flaked-off early.

Boot luggage pull cover self repaired early.

Internal central locking switches act up rarely since ~45000 miles.

New alternator req'd at 90000mi.

New Clutch req'd at 113000mi.

General Comments:

Though lacking the more sexy EU cockpit design of my previous car, I am very satisfied with Hyundai's build quality and reliability.

I, being somewhat of a mid-life Petrol-Head, have made serious performance demands on my Santa Fe throughout her years with me, which she has satisfied. Indeed she looks ready to continue to please for many more years.

My son has grown up in the back seat and has given her the normal childhood trials which have also left her unfazed. Throughout all this her bodywork remains as beautiful and unblemished as the days of her youth.

Even though I regularly leave her starving for basic servicing, usually +25000 miles between visits, she has always accepted my neglect without complaint. I expect her to soon require some vital organ transplants as she ages, but feel assured she will take my future teenage son for his first solo ride.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2010

27th Jan 2011, 06:53

Good to see you are doing well with your vehicle. I am thinking of buying an older one of these with a high mileage, for towing a horse trailer.

Interesting review.

28th Apr 2016, 16:50

Busty is still riding on at 300,000kms :)

5+ years since my initial review, I still am a very satisfied owner.

The only non-service attention I've given her is replacing the injector nozzles tips, as the engine was stalling out while accelerating.

It would restart again after a short safety cut-out time, but was a shock to experience nonetheless.

I also had to touch up the paint around the rear wiper mount to fix a rust spot there.

2010 Hyundai Santa Fe CRDI Premium 2.2 diesel


Good car


Clutch failed at 11,000 miles.

Cruise control appears to deactivate of its own free will.

General Comments:

Very surprised to find the clutch failing after 11,000 miles, not what you would expect on a new car.

Tonneau cover in the back could do with being higher up, so you can get more luggage in and keep it covered.

Newer engine 190bhp is great - nice and powerful.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2010

7th Feb 2012, 12:18

I also have a 2010, and I like the exterior and interior. But I'm not too satisfied with the running of it.

I've had to replace a lining with it in 2011, had a bad oil leak.

The molding by the door is about to fall off anytime.

I took a drive to Salamanca, Allegheny this past summer. It was a dangerous drive as I had my 5 year old niece with me. I would be driving on the freeway, and all of a sudden the truck would power down and I'd be going under 60 on a 110kph freeway! I'd have to pull over and restart the car and drive another 200 feet, and do it all over again.

I've had several sensor problems.

Window is slow going up.

I was also at school, and the Santa Fe would not start. I needed to call CAA to boost me, and the worker recommended me getting a new vehicle, because this was not the first time he's heard of these trucks being nothing but trouble.

I am currently looking for another vehicle.

2006 Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi 2.2 diesel


Lovely, comfortable powerful car until the clutch went early


Seat belts sockets disappear into the seat.

Seat belt socket broke.

Boot lock not working properly.

Same headlight bulb keeps blowing.

Clutch went at 57000 kilometers. Can't even get Hyundai to supply a replacement part. One dealer wants 3000 Euro to put it right. Another wants just 500 Euro labor, and 1600 for the part.

General Comments:

Comfortable, powerful car until the clutch went early. I have had no joy from the dealer or Hyundai, Ireland. Won't be buying Hyundai ever again.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2010

24th Aug 2015, 16:01

OK. I've owned this car for 7 years. Bought it 2nd hand in 2008. Did I make the right decision. Hell NO! This car is an expensive piece of scrap to own.

What's gone wrong with it?

(1) The dual mass flywheel... TWICE, costing me €1400 each time. And at that, I fitted it myself as I am a qualified mechanic. The first time I had 60,000km and the second was 130,000km. BTW, this happened to every single one of these cars. It's a universal problem with the design. Take your chances with getting it fixed under warranty.

(2) The door locks stopped working. Common enough problem too.

(3) The brake calipers seized on it. Again, this is a universal problem with the design of the caliper. This happens to much more than just this 2.2 diesel model. This site has plenty of comments about it. Warranty will NOT cover this.

(4) To prevent engine failure, you must have the engine sump removed and cleaned. This is even if you do service it regularly. Again, this is almost universal to this 2.2 engine.

(5) Because I'm aware of a lot of other people's turbos blowing, a check must be made to ensure the pipe to the turbo is not clogged with crud. I know this, because I'm in the trade. Most people won't know this, and will have to fork out more €€€ for turbo replacement.

(6) Now, at 200,00km, I suspect the oil pump is failing. The replacement part is around €700. And again, it's from Hyundai only.

(7) The CV joint went. Now, that I can't blame on Hyundai. It was my own fault. However, to get a replacement one, you must buy the entire shaft at €750, even though the joint can be replaced on its own. Oh, Hyundai only again, BTW.

Plus, the inner drive boot split. Again, Hyundai only part. For normal manufacturers they're roughly €20-€40. Hyundai? €80+VAT.

I didn't bother mentioning the crap radio. Or I just did :)

I'd change it if I could afford to, but for now, I'm stuck with this expensive piece of scrap.

13th Oct 2015, 08:54

I was expecting you to also write some comments on the front suspension. It seems to be faulty, the car on the motorway leans to the left and is quite unstable. The car passes all MOT tests, but the problem remains.