2006 Jeep Commander Limited 3.0 CRD turbo diesel


Cool macho ride, but not as practical as you'd think!


Cracked interior door handle (driver's door).

Front bumper minor lacquer peel.

Seat base vinyl split.

Transmission over temp false warning.

Front alignment out.

General Comments:

Cool looking car; full 4x4 with a modern take on a retro design.

Decent performance, and the Tiptronic gearbox is actually fun.

Average MPG is approx 25 to 26 MPG at reasonably constant driving, with the best long distance at 70 mph of 28.2 MPG imperial.

Some poor quality feeling trim, but kind of in keeping with its upper blue collar image.

Decent room in the front, middle row is tight for legroom, 3rd row can be used at a pinch, but they fold flat on the floor, making the boot floor high, so make sure you're fit enough to lift your dog in and out.

Pretty comfortable, as the soft springing and weight help, but can get a bit choppy on bad roads.

Minor yet irritating, cheap or daft design issues such as un-removable 2nd row middle headrest, that totally blocks the rear view, forcing reliance on the parking sensors. Silly fuel cap with no proper place to put it, such as you'd expect in even the cheapest budget car, fuel flap not on central locking, too many buttons on the trip computer, where on modernish cars you just press a stalk to cycle through the options; I kept selecting 'Spanish' by accident.

Hardly any storage space, and no load cover, so nowhere to hide anything bulky.

Better looking interior than a Grand Cherokee, better looking exterior too, but a pain to clean, due to all the bits of trim and angles over the smoother GC.

Practicality for pavement use is much less than a large estate, but if a proper off road is your thing (as it is mine :) ), then it's between a Nissan Patrol (crude, expensive), and a Land Rover Disco 3 (good MPV, expensive).

I love the looks, as it's much cheaper than both of the above, but it's probably a poor choice for a large family, but I only drive 2 up and the dogs :)

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Review Date: 10th September, 2012

29th Dec 2012, 04:46

Update: EGR failed when the car parked was for a few weeks getting some cosmetics done. £542 to replace, paid for by the garage. Interior build is actually better than I first reported, as although it's not high quality materials, they are very solid; interior door handles excepted, treat them like they're made of glass :)

Tailgate struts now failed very quickly, but I guess that's not really surprising given how much weight they have to hold up.

Garage couldn't fix the dashboard dimmer, which is on the light stalk, so I accepted a cash offer to settle the warranty. Rear fogs no longer work, but I suspect (hope) this is related to Jeep's prior work on the lighting stalk dimmer issue, so will check with them.

When driving fast on motorways in the wet, you trust the FWD more than you feel what the front tyres are doing. A recent 300 mile fast round trip on motorways, with lots of revs and no consideration to economy still averaged 25 MPG, which is great, BUT a daily commute can be as little as 20 - 22 MPG driving gently, which is down to winter and approx 4-6 MPG off the summer consumption.

You do feel yourself sway side to side in the seats, as if the Jeep had a separate chassis (it doesn't), but even my wife finds it relaxing, and although the seats are hard, we don't get uncomfortable, or suffer any aches and pains, no matter how long were in the Jeep.

I will be keeping the Jeep particularly for long journeys, but will get a small commuter car, as even at work as I worry about people parking too close to me, and I'll save £100 a month on fuel.