22nd Jul 2013, 16:13

Now at 51k.

A Jeep specialist replaced the light stalk, fixing the panel dimmer that the main dealer couldn't fix.

The rear fogs are still inexplicably not working though; will probably just wire in a separate switch.

Got all servicing up to date, including all fluids. This cost £1400, as well as new rear tailgate struts and a new battery, so that's out of the way for a minimum of 3 years.

Now I need a complete of tyres, as the previous owners didn't rotate them, so there's inconsistent wear on the fronts, which are nearly at minimum, and this 4x4 needs all tyres to wear evenly.

Fuel economy is getting worse (approx 22.9 reported on EVIC, and a year ago I found the EVIC accurate) as I don't baby it and regularly reach the red line, and always have the climate on.

No complaints about stability, or handling.

Will need to put something soft in the storage spaces to stop all the items in them clattering.

Just renewed my insurance, at only £100 more than a Vauxhall Insignia.

A good car, especially for the money, Makes it real hard to contemplate a normal rep car.

28th May 2015, 09:38

Final update. Needs undersealing underneath as it's quite rusty under there. Rear A/C lines corroded, and now my wife and I find it too uncomfortable for long distance drives, especially the granite seats. I remapped it and the performance was excellent, but that highlighted the handling deficiencies as well as the marginal brakes. All sortable of course, but I've traded it on for a 2004 BMW 760LI as that's more in line with what I want. The Jeep looks great and the engine is fabulous, but it is expensive to run for a non luxury vehicle, especially as I don't tow, and it's too uncomfortable on prolonged long distance drives.