Magentis LS 2.0L

Wouldn't buy another KIA!

140 words


Magentis LE 2.0 petrol

Nice car to drive, good buy second hand

72 words

Magentis 2.0 petrol

Outdated and outclassed by almost everything

127 words, 2 comments

Magentis LE 2.0 petrol

Nice to look at not good petrol wise

65 words, 3 comments


Magentis LE 2.0 litre petrol

A lovely if old fashioned car

50 words

Magentis LE 2.0

One very well built car; I'm impressed

208 words

Magentis SE 2.5

Very good value for money

104 words, 1 comment


Magentis SX 2.5

For the money you just can't beat it

143 words


Magentis SE 2.5 V6

A real car that's a proper car shape with excellent performance and room for five

128 words, 6 comments