1989 Lada Samara GLX 1.5


Very reliable car


We had the car after standing for 3 years.

We had to replace fuel hoses, front wings and 1 offside brake caliper.

After having the car on the road or a year we have had to replace the rear silencer, offside rear wheel sylinder, near side drive shaft gaiter and both offside wheel bearings due to wear and tear.

We also replaced the tailgate struts.

General Comments:

After receiving the car I realised I did not take to the disgusting brown colour of the interior. I replaced this with a gray interior from a donor car, and have since recovered the door panels with a blue fleece material.

The car is very solid and the acceleration is quite good, but does not compare with a modern car, but overall speed is good.

The suspension is rather hard, but therefore does not role on corners.

Steering is rather heavy at low speeds i.e. parking.

(Power steering would have been nice)

After respraying black with a silver coach line and fitting fog and driving lamps it looks rather smart.

I'm proud to be seen in my Samara.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2005

1989 Lada Samara GL 1.5i


Cheap and economic and a good runabout around the town


After one year the starter motor failed.

After around 30,000 miles the electrics started to become a little faulty and these negling problems continued until it was taken of the road in 2001.

The left screen-wiper fell of in 1997 and the right one a few months later.

The seats became worn after 7 years and looked tatty.

It became rusty after a while it was certainly evident in 2000.

Gearbox replaced at 130,000 miles and other routine things with cars.

Engine began to become rattly and rather noisy at 100,000 miles. Though it was not using much fuel and was not too smoocky until it reached 150,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is nippy around town and handles reasonably well.

The interior however could be a little more sophisticated.

The car is not too good on motorways as it is not quick enough.

It is quite reliable though it does require more regular servicing after 100,000 miles.

It does require some electrical work quite often as the electrics are a little poor.

However it is cheap to run reasonably economic and lasts well if looked after properly.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2004

1993 Lada Samara GL Flyte 1.5


Fantastically cheap and easy to look after, but you might need to get your hands dirty!


Rear screen washer has never worked.

Fuel hoses around carburettor had perished, but easy to replace.

Carburettor worked loose, causing a variety of unusual problems (just tightened it up with a new gasket).

Can be troublesome to start 10-30 minutes after a run.

General Comments:

Good low-end torque and good acceleration.

Cruises well at 70mph @ 40-50mpg. Will reach over 95mph at a push, but you don't really want to be driving like that..

Mine looks brilliant with the stock 'Flyte' body kit on, otherwise they look a bit... ridiculous.

Tough engines (really tough!), strong Russian shocks, high ground clearance and tough steering/running gear make the car very durable.

Headlights and foglights so bright it feels like driving in the daytime when it's dark.

The Samara handles well, follows where you point it despite the high ground clearance.

Parts incredibly cheap. Ludicrously cheap. Excellent and thorough help available from other Lada owners online.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004

17th Oct 2008, 03:46

The "crap" alloy wheels are not Lada`s fault. They would have been a local product, along with all the other add ons. The Samara (in standard factory guise), is an honest, reliable car. And it doesn`t over-heat like the boss`s Jaguar. Perhaps, he should have left the Lada badge on the Jag. That way, at least his car would have been viewed as reliable.

1997 Lada Samara S 1.3


Cheap and cheerful with bags of fun. Just don't race anyone


The exhaust started to blow, so looked underneath and found 2 13mm bolts slack. Tightened them up and it was a minter.

Slight vibration at 92mph, but apart from that, it's sound.

General Comments:

When I first purchased the vehicle for £170 at auction, the front tires were badly worn. £36 plus VAT got me two mud and snow remoulds, and what a machine it turn into. It will go anywhere; snow, mud, grass, hills, you name it, she'll go through it. OK, so you get over taken by mopeds, but at least you're warm and dry.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2004