1997 Lamborghini Diablo SV 5.7 litre


Noisy, scary and outrageous - don't drive it more than once a week or it will drive you insane!


Airconditioning useless - like I really care?

Front wheel bearings needed replacing - but they were a bargain at 800 GBP compared to 9500 GBP for supply and fitment of a new front bumper!

General Comments:

Car very quick - in a straight line; but easily upset by bumps at high speed (160+) and it gets scary.

Brakes ineffective, at best, and downright scary in the wet. At Spa, I was seeing Jesus so often at the end of the straight that I started to use him as a braking marker.

Cabin very noisy and hot - serves me right for getting the sports exhaust. Ear defenders needed for anything more than a 10 mile trip.

Overall, it gets beaten on the track by 355s and is actually slower in normal use than the NSX. I wouldn't change it though because it looks so silly. And it's purple metalflake.

I wouldn't get another because the dealer service has been APPALLING since Lambo UK changed ownership - 8 months to change a wing and fuel tank, after a minor bump?

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Review Date: 9th April, 2001

12th Jun 2001, 08:56


30th Jun 2001, 04:26

Hehe, my 98 SV is similar :) But who'd swap it? Interestingly, I owned an NSX previous to the Diablo.

12th Jul 2001, 01:28

Oh dear, how much did you guys have 2 pay for them?

28th Jul 2001, 05:59

I'd buy a house instead.

18th Aug 2001, 11:30

You paid so much!! But you won't even buy the car again? Were you allowed to test drive it before you spent half a mill?

2000 Lamborghini Diablo GT 6.0 V12


Nothing as of yet!

General Comments:

You have never driven anything like this before. You honestly have not lived until you drive one. Worth every single hard-earned penny.

Such a rush - you feel like going out and beating the crap out of someone every time you drive it.

And nothing beats being able to stop a crowd in its tracks.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2000

29th Dec 2000, 23:34

What the hell kind of job do you have? Cause I need myself a job like yours to go from a Honda to a car like that. I drive a Probe GT and it feels like a jet to me so I can only imagine how a Diablo would be.

Hey, you need to live in the US, there is a lot of long straightaways to go really fast on in Arizona. I only know because a friend of mine lives there with his Jaguar XJR220 and he has almost hit its top speed 220mph. Na, just kidding, he only hit 175mph but he said one day he will. Maybe you could beat him to it. Reply about how fast you have gone, I know that car was not bought just for looks was it?