Elise 1.8 16v petrol

Awesome to drive, but quality and durability disappoint

431 words, 4 comments

Elise Standard 1.8

Good noisy economical fun

201 words

Elise 1.8

It always brings a smile to my face

189 words

Elise 1.8

Best fun you will have this side of a Ferrari

155 words

Elise Standard 1.8

Best Car ever built at that price

47 words

Elise Standard 1.8 petrol

Fun with a capital F

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Elise Super 160 1.8 VVC 160bhp

OK as a weekend toy, no good as a main car

85 words, 5 comments

Elise Standard 1.8i

The border line of sports car and super car

221 words, 7 comments

Elise 111s 1.8 VVC

Great but badly let down by niggly faults

145 words

Elise 111S 1.8 VVC petrol

97 words

Elise 111 1.8 petrol

141 words